Dancing with the Stars Season 10 Cast – To the Moon, and Beyond!!!

Yes, I am (mis)quoting a cartoon. Why? It’s the first thing that sprang to mind when reading Access Hollywood:

But Access’ “Dancing” casting news doesn’t end there!

Access has also learned someone who has walked on the moon is set to shake their former-intergalactic groove thing in the ballroom too, the source said.

Buzz Aldrin, who was the second person to set foot on the moon, is the favorite, thanks to his regular appearances across television. Although, it still yet could be Neil Armstrong.

Buzz has appeared on “The Simpsons,” “Celebrity Jeopardy,” “NUMB3RS” and most recently, “The Price Is Right” in November 2009.

Access Hollywood also confirms that Pam Anderson will be dancing this season. And after being afraid that Derek might not even be on the show, I’m actually okay with her dancing with my favorite. It’s called perspective, people. 🙂