DWTS Season 10 – More Professional Mystery

So, Jonathan is out – sad but not entirely unexpectedly – and Louis still hasn’t been told. What the heck is going on here? This makes me think that they aren’t entirely sure of their cast yet – one week away from the announcement. Why would Jonathan be a definite no and Louis still not know? Louis is the shortest male, Mark next, then Derek – I think. I think there is 3 inches or so between Derek and Louis, so I would imagine they have a short girl and are trying to figure between Mark and Louis. But I could be totally full of crap. 🙂 In any case, this is a blow (kinda) to the “attitude” and “ballroom skill” theories for which pros are making it and which ones aren’t.

The show starts four weeks from Monday – at this rate they are NOT going to have four weeks rehearsal before the show starts.

ETA: Add Dmitry to the “I still don’t know” list.

ETAA: And lovely Louis supplies a perfectly logical reason for the way the pros are finding out (or not finding out) – wish I would have thought of it. 🙂

You know, since he hasn’t been told NO, that means he likely does have a partner they’re waiting to sign. I would imagine the same goes for Dmitry. Since Anna T commented she doesn’t want to say until it’s set in stone, I bet she has a partner too. Now – what about Derek’s tweet from last Tuesday?

To recap:
The Men –
Jonathan – the only solid no
Dmitry – doesn’t know
Louis – doesn’t know
Derek – is confusing

The women –
Cheryl – definite yes
Lacey – definite no
Anna T. – doesn’t know
Karina – doesn’t know.

Those that haven’t said a word: Maks, Mark, Tony, Alec, Anna D, Chelsie, Edyta, Kym