DWTS Season 10 – Pro Shake Up??

Cheryl Burke is in, Lacey Schwimmer is out – and based on the timing of their announcements, I’m afraid Derek (and Karina) was jumping the gun. I hope I’m wrong. So far, the other pros haven’t said, except for Dmitry saying he hadn’t heard.

So, is it simply that they didn’t have a partner that fit Lacey? Or is something else going on here. With Julianne gone, she and Cheryl are arguably the two most popular female professionals. I guess we’ll know when the season starts. If there is a new female (or two) similar to Lacey in height, then there might be something else going on. Perhaps they’re replacing some of the more popular pros to bring the attention back to the celebrities? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. I know LOTS of people that won’t be inclined to watch if their favorite pro isn’t on the show.