Dancing with the Stars Season 10 – The Co-Host Drama Continues

Yeah, I saw yesterday or the day before the discussion of Mel B (aka Scary Spice) as the new co-host. It was all over twitter. I basically ignored it because it was everywhere by the time I saw it and, right now, there is so much CRAP floating around that it’s wearing me out. 🙂 But that’s not the actual “drama” of which I speak. I was minding my own business, rolling my eyes at the stupid media’s inability to do even the slightest bit of research prior to writing about DWTS, when I clicked on an article about Karina that had a tid bit at the end that had a slightly different take on the Mel B. versus everyone else in the co-host slot. From Comcast:

There are also big question marks surrounding the replacement for Stiff Samantha Harris. Last week ‘Dancing’ champ Brooke Burke excitedly Tweeted she was in contention to be the new co-host.

Then we learned ‘DWTS’ finalist/’Bachelor’ reject Melissa Rycroft was also in the running. She soon set off a flurry of whispers that she had landed the gig when she Tweeted Tuesday, “Thanks for all the support. I can’t really say anything about anything…but I’m excited about announcing the cast with Tom!!”

One would make the logical leap that if Rycroft gets to announce the Season 10 cast alongside host Tom Bergeron on March 1, then she’s the one, right? “I didn’t say that…I just can’t say anything….” Rycroft said in a follow-up message.

Should we assume, however, that the screen tests for those ‘DWTS’ hotties didn’t go so well? Because producers have reportedly extended their ‘Star’ search.

Season 5 runner-up Mel B. has since been offered the opportunity to try out for the gig, according to TMZ, who claims the formerly Scary Spice Girl headed over to test at the studio on Wednesday

If you are wondering where I found out that Karina is not on this season, this article also quotes the tweets that I saw from Karina, which have since been deleted (apparently).

I have to just say no to Scary Spice – she is far too mean and almost nasty in her commentary on DWTS. Do people who are there to compete really need that sort of behavior? No. Would this be an improvement from Samantha Harris? Hell no. And no, I don’t have a dog in the hunt here – I only know who I don’t want to be co-host, I don’t have an actual favorite. I would be fine with any of the aformentioned candidates.

Keep in mind that this article could be full of crap. I’ve seen SO much crap in the last week that it’s not even funny. First they make it sound like Lacey “quit” DWTS forever (not true), then they make it sound like a cast smaller than 16 is a drastic cut from the norm (bull), then Karina is “let go” from DWTS. They are making this pro situation sound like it’s unusual when it’s anything but unusual – we’re just not used to these particular pros not being on – usually it’s Anna T or Alec. I guess this mentality is yet another sign that the professionals are now the stars.