Please…No…Kate Gosselin on DWTS Season 10

Dear lord.  You know, I reported on this one a long time ago – Kate Gosselin on Jay Leno wanting to be on DWTS – but this is an actual source with some credibility.  I HATE that. 🙂  The Washington Post:

Kate the hoofer?

ABC will announce Monday that TLC reality star Kate Gosselin will be one of the hoofers on the next round of “Dancing With the Stars,” according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

At press time, the deal was virtually done for the now-divorced mother of eight to become one of the celebrities vying for the cheesetastic Mirrored Disco Ball.

This will be the fulfillment of a dream for Gosselin who, on Jay Leno’s ill-fated prime-time show, said she’d like to be on “Stars” because she can’t dance. “I want to laugh at myself,” Gosselin told Leno. “I so cannot dance.”

I saw this coming up on twitter again and I kept ignoring it. So, I looked today on a whim and found a “credible” (it’s all relative) source!! She’s way too tall for Derek, right? RIGHT?!?! 🙂 So, thus far the possible women are Kate and Pam Anderson?? Throw in LaToya and some other scary possibility and this season has train wreck potential, bit time. Fun stuff to watch, anyway. 🙂