DWTS Season 10 Cast – Playing Catch Up

Yeah, I’ve had a busy weekend and I’ve been slacking off the rumor department. The producers have lulled me into believing I won’t find anything when I look. So, it’s catchup time. I apologize in advance if I mention something that someone already said in the comments and I don’t give you credit. I can barely remember my last name.

Kate Gosselin seems to have gone from rumor to sure thing – I know that was mentioned in the comments – there have been a few tweets from people running into her at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and supposedly she says she’s dancing. Which sucks. I expect her to get Derek – but I’m so happy he’s on the show that I don’t care. As should all of us who have favorite pros – beggars can’t be choosers. 🙂

Now, who’s this Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls chick?? She’s gorgeous, and rumor has it she’s dancing. Yeah, it’s not a GREAT source, but it’s also not the first time I’ve heard it. She appears tall, and she’s gorgeous. Maks? She’d be beautiful with either him or Derek.

Rebecca Budig of All My Children? Still a rumor I think, but she seems like a Mark partner. Someone with no baggage and a lot of potential.

Paula Abdul? Nope, not according to TMZ! After hearing about Kate Gosselin and thinking it likely that Derek gets her – I’m kinda wanting Paula back. 🙂

Pam Anderson – still seems to be a sure thing, but one of my buds (Hi, Caroline) told me that Evan Lysacek was tweeting about hanging out with her. Now, Evan has plainly stated to Cheryl Burke that he would LOVE to be on DWTS, so Caroline got excited and thought maybe they were hanging at the DWTS training center. But following his tweets, it seems he saw Pam at the Figure Skating exhibition last night. Pam is from Vancouver, as I recall, so it could be a really huge coincidence. But damn, that would be AWESOME. 🙂 That would give me someone hot to root for if Derek gets someone crappy and exits early (for a change). Since Mark Ballas tweeted last night that he was done with his second day of training, he clearly didn’t get Pam.

Hmmm….Chad Ochocinco is heading back to Miami after a day at “Hollywood Studios” – Disney? Wonder if he’s taking a pro dancer back to Miami with him? 🙂 Since the new cast is going on Kimmel tomorrow night, I wonder if this eliminates him. Of course, the whole cast doesn’t have to go.

So the dude from the Deadliest Catch, Sig Hansen (yes, I had to google) wants to be on DWTS? Get in line, dude. Evan is cuter. 🙂