Conrad Green on the DWTS Season 10 Contestants

I think Conrad makes a lot of good points on Visit the site to read all of his comment – I’ve excerpted bits and pieces, below.

On Aiden Turner:

”A lot of people at the title shoot we just had were saying, ‘Oh, I thought Gilles [Marini] was the hottest star we’ve ever had until I saw Aiden.’ I’m British, and he’s British, so we’re less able to judge these things, but the reaction of a lot of the girls in the studio was promising.

Really??? He doesn’t do much for me at all. And Gilles sure did!!

On Chad Ochocinco:

”He’s the most flamboyant footballer out there at the moment — the one putting on a sombrero and bringing out a cell phone after scoring a touchdown and ringing his agent. So on our show, he can expand on some of those things and not get fined by the NFL for doing it!

Oh, Chad – this will be a fine line to walk with the audience of this show. Careful, dude.

On Erin Andrews:

”She did a bit of dancing when she was a kid, so she’s comfortable moving. She’s got an incredible figure, and she’s with Maks, so they’ll be a super-hot pair. We’ve been quite firm with him that he’s not to bully her.

She *danced* as a kid!!!??!! Ringer! Ringer! <----sarcasm. Seriously, though, I think Erin has a lot of potential and, according to HER, she's been dancing her whole life. We'll see. VERY interesting comment about Maks. I think Erin will be fine - he barks at people but they all seem to love him after it's over. On Evan Lysecek:

”We met Evan, and we just really liked his personality. We thought he’d be someone the audience would really warm to, and that was before he won gold. We were watching the Olympics, thinking, ‘God, God, please, God!’ We’re hoping it all portends a really good season.”

Ahhhhh….they cast him BEFORE the Olympics. Well, that’s very interesting indeed. If true. 🙂

On Kate Gosselin:

I remember before Jerry Springer came on the show, a lot of people said, ‘I can’t stand Jerry Springer.’ And now he’s a very beloved figure. Kate’s a really nice woman. I think a lot of people are really gonna warm to her on the show. It’s a nice chance for the audience to come to a much closer understanding of these people.”

No comment. 🙂

On Nicole Scherzinger:

”For the Pussycat Dolls, she was primarily booked as a vocalist, not a dancer. I don’t think she’s got any more dance background than Mel B. had, or Joey Fatone, or Drew Lachey. We’ve had a number of people like that — Mya, last season — but only one of those people have won. I think the audience does compensate, you know? I think if they see someone come from nowhere and do well, they tend to appreciate that more. So she’s got to overcome that. It’ll be more pressure for Derek, too.”

Yep, I would agree. Although I don’t know if Derek gets pressured to win as much as he gets pressured to live up to his own rep as a stellar choreographer.