DWTS Season 10 Media – Part II

For everyone asking about twitter accounts, John and I have been updating the Twitter Page! From the “stuff I found funny/bizarre/interesting today category…

Okay, I can’t tell if this guy is going to go all the way, or if he’s going to so annoy the regular DWTS audience that he leaves early. From MSNBC:

LOS ANGELES – Outspoken Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco is the latest NFL star to join the “Dancing with the Stars” fray, but while the competition doesn’t start for two more weeks, he’s already got a message for the judges.

“From what I’ve learned in watching these shows, those judges can be a little harsh,” Ochocinco told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson when she stopped by his rehearsal with professional partner Cheryl Burke on Tuesday in Los Angeles. “They have to remember, I am out of my element. Don’t judge me like I’m a professional.”

“Len Goodman, I’m gonna say this to you and I’m gonna say it to you early before the show even starts: ‘Please do not step on my toes, because I will fight back. Thank you,’ ” Ochocinco noted.

Ya know, Len may have blind spots from time to time and be overly critical (Mya, Lil’ Kim spring immediately to mind), but HE is the expert here and we ain’t playin’ football. Doofus. I give him props for not whining about the shoes like past male contestants. This is a pretty long article, of which I took only tiny bits.

He has the potential to be (as good as Smith), if he works hard,” Burke said. “It’s only the first week, but he’s made a lot of progress.”

Included is that progress is getting used to ballroom shoes.

“You know what? I love ‘em,” he told Robinson. “I had to get used to it because I’m a man. … When I got the shoes, it had the little heel on the bottom, but what I’ve been able to do is … to magnify my sway.”

Can you believe that people are doing whole articles on Kate Gosselin’s hair? Dear lord.

Hair’s News! Kate Gosselin is getting ready for her debut on Dancing With the Stars and RadarOnline.com has learned that her stylist Ted Gibson is giving her a slightly new look, starting with taking her extensions out on Wednesday. The $7,000 hair-do Kate has been sporting is coming out, kids.

Kate will be hitting up the Ted Gibson salon on Wednesday and she’ll be back to her famous short-do.

But not for long.

“She’ll have a new hairdo tomorrow because we’re taking them out and we’re not putting them back in until Thursday. So she’ll have short hair for a day,” Ted told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

And Kate will have multiple shades in her new hairdo. “We’re actually doing three different shades of blonde, a caramel, a beige blond and a little bit of a lighter blonde,” Ted exclusively revealed to RadarOnline.com

Nicey and Louis on The Insider!

Lots of the couples on Access Hollywood. Look on the righthand side for other videos.

Wanna make a bet? Of course there are odds on Season 10!! I’m finding that I don’t much care for frontrunner status. The fall is harder. 🙂

There are two favorites this season among the 11 contestants with very close betting odds. Newly minted Olympic gold medalist Evan Lycasek with 2 to 1 odds and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger with 3 to 1 odds . Several factors play into their choices. First, Gold medalist have a very strong track record of winning DWTS. Especially since Evan’s fame has skyrocketed since the Olympics recently aired. Nicole on the other hand, CAN DANCE! Bottom line, she’s a Pussycat Doll. With heavy touring and show stopping moves, Nicole is definitely one to watch.

Aiden Turner: 18/1
Buzz Aldrin: 50/1
Chad Ochocinco: 9/2
Erin Andrews: 7/2
Evan Lysacek: 2/1
Jake Pavelka: 16/1
Kate Gosselin: 16/1
Niecy Nash: 25/1
Nicole Scherzinger: 3/1
Pamela Anderson: 12/1
Shannen Doherty: 16/1