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Dancing with the Stars 2010 Predictions and Excitement

The 10th season of DWTS is upon us. As I started thinking about the new season of DWTS I started getting really excited that it’s back. This break seemed far too long for my liking. On that note, I thought I’d list the things I’m most excited anout the upcoming season and make some predictions.

The first is actually both. I predict that Chad Ochocinco is going to be way out there in what he says and does. This is going to make a lot of fans of the show absolutely hate him. I on the other hand will enjoy every minute of it. Every time Chad opens his mouth it’s pure entertainment.

I predict that the first Baywatch/and or huge chest joke about Pam will happen in the first episode. Honestly, I want my old baywatch babe back.

Edyta. Yummy!! Nuff said.

I predict we’ll have at least 3 male dancers with their shirts off in the first episode.

I’m excited to see Brooke host the show with Tom. Not because I think Brooke will be amazing (like Tom). She just better not let me down and be worse than Samantha. I’ve always known that change isn’t always better, but I think this one will be.

11 couples. We all know that there were far too many last season.

New dancers. I’ve hears people talk about these 2 new [to me] pros and I’m looking forward to see if they can live up to what people have said.

This one’s a no brainer. We’re going to have another Olympian in the finals and a pop star. Despite the ringer status, I’m fine with both of them making it.

Great dancing. Seems like forever since there’s been great dancing on TV. I need DWTS and SYTYCD to coordinate their schedules so that one of them is always on. Will never happen, but I can hope. Oh yeah, the pro dances. I can’t wait for that too.

Ok, so what are your predictions and what’s getting you excited for DWTS 2010?

March 11, 2010 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

New Pure DWTS Comment System

When I moved Pure DWTS to the new server, I decided I’d try out a new commenting system for the site as well. I think that people will like the new comments because they have cool things like replies to other people’s comments, avatar’s, and lots of other little features that I’m sure you’ll figure out over time.

There are still a lot of tweaks I can make to the comment system. So, if something really annoys you about it, I can try and improve it. Overall, I think it will provide a better platform for discussion of topics. It should also help the site to load faster. This should be especially true in threads with a TON of comments.

Let me know what you think of the changes. We’re all ready for the premiere of Dancing with the Stars 2010.

I Written By

Better known as Charlie.