Dancing with the Stars 2010 Voting Results

I previously posted a DWTS 2010 poll to predict the winner of Dancing with the Stars 2010. We’ve had quite a few votes and it’s pretty clear who the 2 most popular stars are on this season of Dancing with the Stars. Looks like right now it’s Evan Lysacek and Nicole Scherzinger’s competition to lose. Here’s the full results to illustrate this fact:

I actually think the battle between Evan and Nicole is going to be epic. I predict that those 2 will reach the highest level of dancing that we’ve seen on any season of Dancing with the Stars. Plus, one or two other dancers are going to just surprise us with their superior dancing ability. My prediction is on Aiden Turner’s dancing keeping him in longer than expected. Will be nice for Edyta to have someone who can dance. At least that’s my prediction.