Dancing with the Stars Season 10 – from the Skybox?

Well, this should be interesting. An excerpt from Newsday.com – and no, I can’t get the whole article. I refuse to pay 5 bucks to that site to see one article. If anyone has more of the article, I wouldn’t turn it down. 🙂

What’s new this season of “Dancing With the Stars”? What isn’t? So tweaked and revamped are so many elements that this edition could be called “The New Dancing With the Stars.”

Take that glass-enclosed balcony, for example. What glass-enclosed balcony you (rightfully) ask? “DWTS” has added a “sky box” from which contestants, or “stars,” as they are quaintly referred to on this set, can watch…

Now, call me crazy…but I don’t need all the crazy changes to keep me interested in the show. Just a good, not too huge cast, my favorite pros and DANCING. Geez. I was just saying in the comments that this is the first season I’ve been truly excited for in a couple seasons because I think they did so well with the cast (on paper) and they have to go and make a bunch of changes? Did they learn nothing from last season? Why the incessant need to tinker with something that wasn’t broken?? And no, don’t tell me about the ratings – they weren’t down that much and it’s the number two show on television, behind only American Idol.

My tally thus far of the changes?
– the stars get their scores right away from the judges, no going backstage to talk to Brooke first
– they can watch from a skybox – ala American Idol Top 24??