DWTS Season 10, Week 2 – Who’s Dancing What?

Who’s dancing what? Well, barring any monkey business like what the producers were SO very fond of last season, that’s pretty easy to figure out. Last season was seriously bad, with the number of different dances they had in a given week, and the crappy way they assigned dances (Derek and Joanna did FOUR latin dances in a row, not counting the foxtrot relay). But this year seems like it might be harkening back to the good old days. Two different dances for the first two weeks and if you did latin (Cha Cha Cha) in Week 1, you get the ballroom standard in Week 2. This week’s dances are the Foxtrot and the Jive. Maybe it’s just me, but the Jive seems ridiculously hard for week 2 – but I guess they’re all hard.

Anyway, this should be the line up – in NO PARTICULAR order, since I only know that Chad and Cheryl are dancing 10th. I haven’t seen any other numbers. And most of these dances were verified by the dancers on Twitter.

Chad/Cheryl – Foxtrot – I have a feeling that Chad will do pretty well with this one and that we’ll see an improvement from last week.

Shannen/Mark – Jive – Again, I think we’ll see some improvement in Shannen, although she was pretty stiff in week 1. But this is going to depend entirely on Mark’s choreography – if he gets too complicated it will wear her out – it’s only week 2!

Erin/Maks – Foxtrot – I expect that Erin will fare better in ballroom than latin because of her height, and I expect tonight she will garner rave reviews.

Jake/Chelsie – Jive – Oh boy. He surprised me last week with not sucking. I expect he will have issues keeping up with Chelsie though.

Nicey/Louis – Foxtrot (to “Love you, I DO”)– I predict she won’t totally suck, but she will not get good scores. Len doesn’t like short people doing ballroom.

Evan/Anna – Jive – He’ll kill it and he doesn’t even have to.

Buzz/Ashly – Foxtrot – much better than his Cha Cha, but still not good. Not that it will matter. He’s *80*. Side note: I saw an interview with Buzz where he was complaining that Nicole was a “dancer” and that he wasn’t – and I’m sorry, Buzz, but I don’t think that’s Nicole’s TRUE advantage over you. I think her real advantage is that she’s 49 years YOUNGER than you are. 🙂

Nicole/Derek – Jive – saw some rehearsal footage and she was keeping up with Derek. Derek also says that this Jive kills him, it’s so fast. I’m hoping he didn’t go overboard.

Aiden/Edyta – Foxtrot (to Sinatra) – I think we’ll see a vast improvement here. We better or it’s the last we’ll see of Aiden.

Kate/Tony – Jive – can you say disaster? I knew you could.

Pam/Damian – Foxtrot – her Cha Cha was a hot mess, but highly entertaining. I have a feeling we might not say the same for her Foxtrot.