SPOILERS!! DWTS Season 10, Week 2 – The Score Card

I find this elimination very shocking, actually. Shannen and Mark leave the competition.

I guess Courtney and I have to tally up how well we did with our predictions. Neither of us sucked, but neither of us were 100% correct either. We can’t draw too many conclusions, because they don’t tell us the vote totals of everyone NOT in the bottom two. Heck, we normally can’t even be sure that the two left standing are actually the bottom two.

– Predicted Aiden would go, but guessed possible shocker of Chad or Shannen.
– Did NOT expect to see Pam in the “bottom 2”. Since Tom did use the words bottom two instead of “jeopardy”, I’m assuming it was a real bottom 2.

Conclusion: looking at my math numbers, Shannen is not that huge of a shocker, her number weren’t that far above those below her. Pam, on the other had, was a real surprise. I think she suffers from NOT having a big name pro by her side – although Shannen did, so….

– Predicted that Kate would go home – or was that wishful thinking? 🙂
– Had Chad in her bottom 2 and didn’t think Shannen would go home, although Courtney did comment on bad dance order for her and Mark.
– Was absolutely correct in pegging me as a complete worrywart in regards to Nicole and Derek. 🙂
– Had commented a few times that she wasn’t sure if people would vote for Pam (more in the comments than anything).

Conclusion: ?? Paging Courtney. Write me a conclusion for your guesses. :-)Alright miss Heidi, here’s my conclusion…

…I need to stick with my gut instincts from my preliminary ranking, as those would have been closer to being correct than the one I did this week! I knew deep down that Pam would probably struggle with votes, but I think I gave her the benefit of the doubt this week because she did decently well. And yes, your worrying was for naught – Derek was just fine, and will probably get a voting boost from the folks who were voting for Mark. I’m beginning to think more & more that bad dance order contributed to Shannen’s early departure…she was just on too early in the performance order for people to remember her well. I should also not underestimate the voting power of the infamous Vote for the Worst – stupid Kate doesn’t deserve to be there! I’m making a voodoo doll as we speak. 😉

Next Week? Pam fans rally, as do Derek/Nicole fans (because Mark the bff went home) – Aiden bites the dust, finally, and Kate lives again to dance another day. Damn it. 🙂 Never underestimate the power of a train wreck. Make sure that voodoo doll is a good one, Courtney