DWTS Season 10, Week 2 – No, the results weren’t rigged!!

Gee, E! Online, I give you a big old DUH. I’ve been writing about this since LAST season, but I give you an A for effort, I guess. At least you get to talk to Conrad. But, silly people, I have to say “duh” to the parts I excerpted below, in particular:

But let’s back you away from that window you’re shouting from, and consider the charges:

• Charge No. 1: DWTS goosed the results to keep Aldrin around because, geez, the man walked on the moon—you can’t dump an American hero to the curb after two lousy dances.

• Charge No. 2: DWTS goosed the results to keep Gosselin around because, c’mon, she’s notorious, and she’s helping the show pull record numbers.

• Charge No. 3: DWTS judged Doherty the most expendable, and, for good ratings measure, put Pamela Anderson in the bottom two.

See, if you crunch the judges’ scores the way they do at DWTS, then the field bunches—the lows aren’t as low, the highs aren’t as high, although, sure, a good amount of outer space still separates Aldrin from Nicole Scherzinger. But Doherty’s lead over Aldrin becomes less than 3 percentage points, her lead over Gosselin less than 2. That’s not a lot of wiggle room for when the public’s votes are added in—if Aldrin manages to best Doherty by just three full points there, then, presto, he’s ahead.

And they way we crunch them HERE….

“I can assure you absolutely there’s no rigging of these votes,” Green said, citing the rules, regulations, more rules and three independent accounting firms. “I couldn’t do anything about them if I wanted to.”

If the suspicious figure that’s exactly what a man in Green’s position would say, then maybe they wouldn’t expect him to say he knows why there was uproar over last night’s results: “Whenever logic is defied,” he said, “people get angry.” Or to put it another way, if you watched the routines, there’s no way Aldrin doesn’t go home, there’s no way Anderson’s on the firing line, there’s no way Doherty doesn’t stick around, and so on.

Unfortunately for Doherty and Anderson, the two might have fallen victim to the oldest stumbling block in Chris Daughtry book. Said Green: “A lot of people assumed they’d get the votes.”

While every vote always counts, every vote is especially important in the early, contender-packed shows. “The margins can be really small—it can just be a few hundred votes,” Green said.

:::sigh::: I’m not bitter. 😉 Anyway, I was just telling someone the other night that if they rigged the vote, they could go to jail. Fraud. Remember the movie Quiz Show? Now, they can certainly manipulate viewers. How? Well, showing temper tantrums. Showing injuries (not Mark’s – he, like Derek, keeps that on the down low until it won’t make a difference – if possible). Showing other, unflattering (or highly flattering) things. Some would say that they do that for DRAMA and RATINGS – and of course they are – but they also can use that stuff to manipulate viewers. I’m not saying they ARE, I’m just saying they could if they wanted. 🙂