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DWTS Season 10: Shannon Doherty kicked off first

I’m not entirely shocked she was the first to leave since she really doesn’t have a strong fan base. However, I am so sad that Mark is gone but it’s got to be fate since he would’ve been out anyways due to his injury. I don’t know if I could stand to watch Corky with Shannon…that’d be an awkward pairing!

I don’t have anything positive to say about her dances since her technique is terrible but she tried and she made her dad proud! But here are the videos anyways 🙂 Enjoy

Shannen’s 2 Dances:
Week 1: Viennese Waltz

Week 2: Jive

What some of celebs are saying about Shannen’s early elimination:

@NiecyNash: She might have been dubbed a “bad girl” but to me she was “real”. Shannon will be missed!

@EvanLysacek: SO bummed to see @OfficialMBallas and @DohertyShannen go. Marks performance last night was so heroic and Shannen is the biggest sweetheart

@aidenturner: @DohertyShannen you were awesome !!!! missing you already, doing DWTS won’t be the same without you!!!! have a safe flight back to LA

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DWTS 10 Week 2: The GOOD, The BAD and The INCREDIBLY HOT!!

And we’re back for another season 🙂  This has got to be my favorite cast yet!  ABC has finally gotten some more prominent stars…if you can call them that…instead of people we have never even heard of until you google them when the list is announced!  So let’s get started…

Erin Andrews & Maks: Foxtrot
I so enjoy watching these two dance together, they have such chemistry!  You can tell they really enjoy each other and learning to dance as a couple!  As much as the package showed Erin as a tomboy (i.e. her burping), I thought she was beautiful and elegant and I applaud Maks for having two solos in there for Erin!

Kate Gosselin & Tony: Jive
I really have nothing nice to say about Kate.  She finds anyway possible to extend her 15 minutes of fame and I feel terrible for Tony because he is such a fantastic dancer and teacher and now he has to put up with Kate.

Nicole Scherzinger & Derek: Jive
HOLY SMOKES ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!  I just fell in love with Derek all over again!  He is an amazing choreographer and having Nicole not only highlights her…but highlights his talents.  I smell an Emmy nomination from him this season!

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