DWTS Season 10 Ratings – DWTS Beats American Idol!!

From the LA Times:

Since its killer Season 3 in 2004, “American Idol” has been an indomitable ratings force. But now its reign looks jeopardized by … “Dancing With the Stars”?

Well, certainly Season 10 of “DWTS” has gotten off to a potent start, which may be what happenswhen Pamela Anderson, Shannen Doherty and Kate Gosselin show up to dance their feet sore. ABC says that it has emerged as the nation’s No. 1 show because the “DWTS” average audience the last two weeks (23.6 million) has outdrawn — albeit barely — the Tuesday total for “Idol” (23 million) that same fortnight period. This week, the Monday edition of “DWTS” (23 million) beat out both the Tuesday (21.8 million) and Wednesday (20.5 million) editions of “Idol” for the first time ever. And overall, “DWTS” is up 30% this season in total viewers.

Now, this article also points out that AI beats DWTS in the coveted younger adult category, and that 60% of DWTS audience is over 50, compared to 37% of American Idol. But this way of looking at ratings – ie. that the younger people are more desirable has never made any sense to me. Who has the actual MONEY to buy stuff – which, incidentally, is the whole point of commercials? Well, I don’t know many college kids or even late 20’s folks who are flush with cash, that’s for sure.

The fact that this blog is also titled “Idol Times” also says something about the dismissive attitude toward this rather significant (IMO, no matter how you look at it) happening. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Idol SUCKS this season. 🙂