DWTS Season 10, Week 3 – Who’s Dancing What?

Well, so much for the idea of TWO dances per week. Looks like, from what I can tell, is that we have Quickstep, Paso Doble and Waltz this week. ย As always, if you think I’ve gotten something wrong, or if I leave something out, let me know and I’ll update.

Nicole and Derek – Quickstep – I expect these two will continue to live up to their own hype. ๐Ÿ™‚ Going by this picture, anyone got any ideas about their “story”?

Evan and Anna – Quickstep – Evan started Stars on Ice this week AND he has two broken toes. So, will he be able to hold it together? I’m thinking yeah. This guy has a serious work ethic. However, I’m going to have to unfollow him on Twitter because his spamming is ridiculous. Dude, you fans KNOW at this point to vote for you. Give it a freakin’ rest.

Erin and Maks – Waltz – could be very interesting. Just read what Maks has to say in his blog. I have a feeling this “story” could either be cool as hell or a disaster. But, at the end of the day, Erin did very well with her Foxtrot, so I imagine her waltz will be beautiful.

Niecy and Louis – Waltz – I see no reason why she won’t do well on this, but at some point she’s really going to have to step it up, what with the competition this season. Niecy and Nicole both tweeted this photo which nearly caused me to go blind. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chad and Cheryl – Paso Doble – So, will Chad have a break through and kick some serious butt, or is this going to be a Maurice Green Paso, where he stomps around?? I want to say he’s going to have a breakthrough, but he’s disappointed me two weeks in a row now, so I’m going to hedge. ๐Ÿ™‚

Jake and Chelsie – Quickstep – Jake did okay with the Viennese Waltz, and okay with the jive – but I think the Quickstep could be his waterloo. We’ll see. It’s in hold and it’s FAST.

Pam and Damien – Paso Doble – oh boy is she getting good dances!! I think. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is, as she says, very dramatic. But can Pam do dramatic and fierce, not to mention keep her chest off of Damian’s? I’m of two minds on this one, but since she keeps surprising me I’m going to bet she does well.

Buzz and Ashly – Waltz – If he doesn’t knock it out of the park, America better get rid of him. Or Kate. ๐Ÿ™‚ But if he couldn’t Foxtrot, why would he be able to Waltz?

Kate and Tony – Paso Doble – Hmmmm…Tony is excited about this dance. Didn’t Kate do the Jive? How did she get the Paso and not the Quickstep? I smell a rat. Anyway, I’m seriously hoping that she’s done for after her tantrum last week. Please?

Aiden and Edyta – Quickstep – I dunno, I don’t see this happening. I think he’s probably a gonner and Kate will stick for another week. Unfortunately.

Anyone else get the feeling they’re trying to even the playing field when handing out dances? Except for Aiden? I do.