Dancing with the Stars Season 10, Week 3 Results Show – Video Recap

I’m sure I’ll find more of these later (like, say, tomorrow), but here are a few bits of the show you might want to see again.

Evan and Anna’s Encore Dance

Mark, Derek and Chelsie – the Incredible Paso Doble. May I go on?? The opening guitar by Derek was a beautiful touch, then the…a capella??…bit of dancing with only the snapping noise. Beautiful, intense, passionate – and I noticed that even after a commercial break, Derek and Chelsie were still recovering from that dance. Fantastic.

Reba McIntyre, with Val and Maks Chermkovskiy, Edyta Slwinska and Snejana Petrova

Reba with Lacey Schwimmer and Dmitry Chaplin