DWTS Season 10 Week 3 – The Score Card

Spoilers!!!!! Buzz Aldrin, the old sweetheart, leaves the competition.

Well, mea culpa on several fronts. Clearly Courtney and I are severely underestimating Aiden’s appeal. Well, I should say, I understand TOTALLY his appeal – he’s gorgeous and he has a hot accent. But I just think he’s getting lost in a bunch of characters. Apparently not that lost just yet. Which I’m actually happy about because he’s better than Buzz and Kate, for sure. He might even be better than Chad!!

My other mea culpa was for bitching about Derek not having the chance to showcase the fact that he plays at least three instruments very, very well. Yay. He played guitar and danced with Chelsie in what will likely be, for me, the highlight pro dance of the season. Fantastic.

Another – I missed Lacey and didn’t realize until I saw her dance again. Sorry Lacey. Dmitry – still does nothing for me. Sorry Dmitry. If I’m going to go big and dark and brooding, I’m going Maks. 😉

Len, seriously? You would have scored Erin and Maks *lower*? Are you on crack?? Well, at least he’s being a jerk to most everyone.

Anyway, I think I called it half right, and Courtney got her bottom person correct. I said either Aiden or Buzz. That said, we were both hoping and privately saying Kate should/would go. We are now drinking. Heavily. WTF??? Who is voting for this woman – or as I told Courtney, why are the haters not voting for other people??!! Geez. 10.5 million people watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 at it’s heyday – if you haters want her gone, ya best start voting for Jake, Pam or Aiden. Otherwise, we all have to quit complaining. Or you all do – I vote like crazy. 🙂 But as Courtney said, crazy Americans eliminated a true American hero in favor of a talentless woman with no REAL claim to fame. Why am I not surprised??

ANOTHER surprise – Jake in the bottom two. Jake, I’m not a huge fan but I do like you and think you have potential. It sucks. But rest assured your fans will kick butt and take names next week and Pam will fall to the bottom two again.

Courtney’s Power Ranking and my guesses by the numbers – click the links. In summary:

Heidi: Guessed either Aiden or Buzz. Was actually hoping for Kate, and very sad to see Buzz go. Was a tad surprised by Jake. Question: am I overestimating The Bachelor’s (or Jake’s) appeal? Or did his fans get cocky and think he is the second coming of Melissa Rycroft?

Courtney: Had Buzz as the bottom, but was hoping for Kate.

Heidi says: Jake is safe next week but may trade off with Pam, as viewers continue to save the lesser dancers.

Courtney? What say you?

Courtney says: Awwww Heidi, you flatter me – but I was actually 0 for 2 this week. I had Kate & Aiden as the bottom 2, with Buzz narrowly escaping the red zone. And I am LIVID that Kate lives to dance another week! Indeed, I find it a crying shame that America eliminated a prominent figure in from our country’s history in favor of a woman who has been accused of being an “absentee mother” (anyone else catch The Insider tonight?) to her 8 children and an overall fame-hungry, bitter divorcee? I honestly thought Buzz’s charm would carry him through at least one more week. And I’m clearly underestimating Aiden (After seeing Cameron Mathison there supporting him, I wonder if those same people that rallied around Cam are now also tuning in for Aiden – those two seem to have a bromance) and overestimating Jake’s appeal (perhaps the rest of the country is beginning to think he’s whiney just like I do!). Not that I’m complaining – I think Aiden is a doll up to Jake, and I’m just relieved that Pam managed to avoid the red zone this week (she’s definitely in the top half of the pack for me). Grrrr…now I’m seriously beginning to doubt myself. Gonna go stick some more pins in my Kate voodoo doll, and go construct a generic one for all of the dingbats that are voting for her!