Thoughts About Week 3 of DWTS Season 10

Well, if you haven’t done so already, go and read Heidi and Courtney’s DWTS prediction scorecard. Lots of good discussion to get your heart racing.

I will say that I agree that Jake has turned off a lot of people. My wife saw it from about the second episode of The Bachelor. I realized it once Jake said that Chelsie, yes I said little sweet Chelsie, was disrespecting him. Can you imagine if Jake had gotten Karina. She would have literally eaten him alive, chewed him up and then spit him out.

I actually don’t hate Kate as much as everyone else does. Ok, I do hate her dancing. It’s pretty horrible. However, she doesn’t bother me like everyone else. Granted I didn’t see any full episodes of Kate Plus 8 and I can’t imagine her life now with the Papparazi following her everywhere. How can a person stay sane with those crazy people and every entertainment show following her. Sure, she brought a lot of it on herself, but I have a little sympathy for her. Plus, she’s pretty hot since being on DWTS, just as long as she’s not dancing.

In other notes…
I hope that Chelsie never goes brunette again. Give me back my blonde beauty!!

What about Chelsie and Derek hooking it up? Why haven’t there been more rumors. I’m starting the rumor and see where it goes. After watching Chelsie’s dance tonight, she might finally be woman enough for Derek to consider.

@GamblingLaker mentioned on Twitter that “Derek INTENTIONALLY wanted a non-10 choreo.” I agree completely. I think that Derek didn’t want Nicole to peak too early. If you peak too early the judges need a story to tell and will find a way to score you lower. Better that Derek keep Nicole’s scores lower early on when she was more than safe against the other contestants and then save the higher scores for later in the show when she might need them more. Conspiracy theory? Maybe, but let’s not think that Derek didn’t know what he was doing when he did a lift and broke hold.

Chad Ochocinco has been my biggest disappointment this season. His dancing has been horrible. His posture kills me. How Cheryl can’t see and somehow fix that is crazy. Maybe his height and hers is the problem. I thought he’d be smooth on the floor and he has it in him, but up until now he’s killing me with how bad he’s dancing.

Ok, I lied. Ashly dancing with Buzz has been the most disappointing part of the season. That’s not saying anything about Buzz either. I just wish that I could really see what Ashly has in her. If she’s not back next season I’ll be extra mad at DWTS. Just not right.

I read that Heidi is missing Lacey Schwimmer. She was a big disappointment for me in the pro dances. Not sure why since I actually did like her more when she was on the show. My wife also commented that Lacey had put on some pounds it seemed. I can’t say that, but women can. Although, she’s right. I guess she’s missing the 6 hours a day of dancing (working out) that the show offered. I can’t imagine what a body is thinking when you go from dancing that much and then not dancing that much.

I’ve actually liked Anna Trebunskaya twice this season. That’s 2 more times than I’d liked her and her partner in past seasons. Not sure what’s different, but she’s done some great routines and really gotten into them.

Did anyone else fall in love with Cowgirls tonight after seeing Snejana Petrova and Edyta Śliwińska? Reba’s first song was horrible, but Snejana and Edyta saved it for me. It’s amazing what beautiful girls dancing can do to ANY song. (I’m sure you girls can insert men for this comment)

There’s something about Damian that just bugs. Is he made of plastic?

Ok, there’s certainly more, but we’ll save it for another week. What think thee?