DWTS Season 10, Week 3 – Blogging with the Pros!!

More and more pros blog each week! And a few celebs too! I keep seeing references to Cheryl blogging, but has anyone actually seen a blog from her? I currently know of Maks, Mark, Derek, Nicole and Jake. As always, let me know if I missed someone. I love getting these little glimpses behind the scenes by the people involved. The pros blog I most wanted to see was Maks’ – mainly because of Len’s nasty crack on the results show – and I can’t find it?? Has he not posted yet?

First up, the new blogger on the blogger block – Mark Ballas at Hollyscoop. Mark, dude, I admire your loyalty but it’s kinda obvious that all your favorite dances from Monday night were done by pros (or your new bff EVAN) who happen to be your bestest buds. 🙂

For me stand out performances came from, Nicole and Derek, Evan and Anna, Jake and Chelsie and Erin and Maks, I thought Nicole and Dereks sailor routine was extremely powerful, slick, funny and polished, as a show number it was absolutely outstanding, I thought the 6 from Len was a little over the top, but Len is Len. Ha ha

Moving on to Evan and Anna: So much elegance and Class, Evan is definitely a stand out competitor, I thought he and Anna were excellent and I loved the story line an the concept, everything from the choreography to the costume was pure class, If he can master his right arm in hold, he will be a dangerous competitor for the others.

Derek is blogging at OK! Magazine. He comments at the end that they are doing the Rumba next week. Wonder how Nicole, who is nearly killing herself making sure no one thinks she’s hooking up with Derek, will handle that? And my cynical, suspicious side wonders if that is EXACTLY why they got the Rumba next week when Evan, who has previously done the same dance as her, is doing a tango.

It was a lot of fun and a big success and I was very happy. I felt we told the story of the two sailors off on an adventure.

We got a 23, still a strong score, but lower than last week. I was kind of expecting it, though, because we broke judge Len Goodman’s rules. But I couldn’t stay in frame because the music was saying something else. The song, “Anything Goes” was too dynamic and I thought, we have to match that with this routine — if not, we’ll be doing the song injustice.

We were sorry the show aired our rehearsal footage that showed us having a tiff. Nicole said she wasn’t very ladylike by cursing. She joked that she was still in character, though — she had the voice of a sailor! I think that happened because we have such high expectations. Being on top the past couple of weeks, we felt the pressure that this is going to be easy. But it’s not easy for Nicole or for me to come up with routines, so of course we’re going to get stressed out.

Actually, despite what aired this week, our rehearsals were mostly high-spirited. Nicole and I spent most of the time on the floor laughing.

Nicole is blogging at Us Magazine, where they keep saying Cheryl will be blogging but I have yet to see it. Am I missing it? Anyway, it always surprises me just how goofy Nicole is, for being so gorgeous. I guess she got the exact right partner. 🙂 I like goofy. It’s amazing how well casting did this season in matching people up.

We went out there, let loose and had a good time. We made a choice to take a leap of faith, and Derek choreographed it for the audience at home and for sheer entertainment…

I wanted to cry when I got the 6 from Len Goodman! When you work so hard on something, you try so hard and you care so much! So it hurts. But that’s okay because if we get the opportunity to come back next week, we are just going to abide by the “Len” Commandments and hopefully get another chance!

I’m having fun and I’m learning something new, but it’s inevitable — I put a lot of pressure on myself. That’s just my personality, that’s how I’ve gotten to where I am in life. I’m so grateful for it. I came from really humble beginnings and this is just who I am. You’re going to see me stress out when I have to learn a dance I’ve never done before in five days and you know you have to do it in front of millions of people and they’re expecting something really good. Luckily I have a bomb-diggity partner and fortunately he never takes a day off and he’s great to work with me!