DWTS Season 10, Week 4 – Who’s Dancing What?

Note to self – check last weeks dances….

Oy veh. The Rumba and the Tango. I have a feeling I might need eyeball bleach for Kate’s dance, regardless. Here’s what I think each couple is dancing:

Jake and Chelsie – Tango: Hmmm…Jake has surprised me thus far, but a Tango?? He might be a clomper.

Nicole and Derek – Rumba: Hee. I think the rumba is what happens on DWTS when you insist to everyone who will listen that you are not hooking up with your partner and that you love your boyfriend. 🙂 Girl, I believe you (until you say it another 10 times or so, anyway). But I am concerned that you might try to throw cold water on a Derek Hough rumba – and that would be a damn shame.

Evan and Anna – Tango: Of course he will be fabulous and will probably get his first ten of the season. Perfection is boring. Fight with Anna or something, wouldja?

Chad and Cheryl – Rumba: I’ve given up on Chad, actually. I had such high hopes for him and, while he improved last week, he’s still way more Maurice Greene than he is Emmett Smith. Maybe he will be the surprise of the week? Can he dance the dance as well as he talks the talk?

Niecy and Louie – Rumba: Niecy was disappointed she got another slow dance and I agree with her. I didn’t like it when they gave Joanna four latin dances in a row and I don’t like how Niecy’s getting all the slower dances in a row. But she’ll do well with the Rumba, regardless.

Aiden and Edyta – Rumba: Sabotaging him again, do you all think? The man likely doesn’t have hips, so they give him the rumba instead of a Tango where he might have a chance??

Erin and Maks – Tango: Surprise!! I thought for sure they’d give her and Maks a Rumba to try to take advantage of their non-mance. But maybe that’s what Erin and Maks wanted, so they gave it to Nicole, who likely didn’t. 🙂 I feel very “conspiracy theorist” today…

Pamela and Damian – Rumba: Get yer fire extinguishers ready folks.  Although I expect this to be smokin’ hot, I wonder if this won’t work against her? People may eventually get tired of the sexpot routine.

Kate and Tony – Tango: I’m not sure about Kate and Tony, but I’m thinking it has to be a tango, and from some rehearsal footage it looks like a Tango.  Doesn’t matter. Sure to be a disaster either way and Kate will stay another week.

So, what will affect some of the couples more strongly than others? Why the two sets of scores, of course. Are they desperate to get rid of Kate and save someone who might be in jeopardy? Someone we don’t actually KNOW is in jeopardy? Like…Nicole or Evan?? Nah, I still think Evan is going to win. Maybe they just want to get rid of Kate, and having a double low score (performance AND technique) might just be the way to go about it. Nicole, Evan, Erin all get double high scores, Pam, Niecy, Chad and Jake get a split – maybe Aiden too – and Kate gets a double low score. Hmmm…I may have to see if I can guess at the judges scoring too and see just how many votes Kate would have to get to stick around. If this is their plan and Kate still stays? We’re all screwed. 🙂