Spoilers!!! Dancing with the Stars Season 10, Week 4 – The Scoreboard

Another week, another elimination.  This week, I was closer to getting it completely right. Weird thing is – Tom very specifically said that Nicey and Aiden weren’t necessarily the bottom two – which means that Niecy isn’t getting enough votes and they are generating sympathy for her. So who was in the real bottom two with Aiden (our unfortunate eliminated dancer)? Could still have been Jake. Could still have been Kate. I’m leaning toward Kate. Actually, it could have been Niecy too – you never know.

Okay, in summary:

Heidi said: Jake or Aiden with Niecy as a long shot. I was kinda leaning toward Jake, but mainly because I like Aiden better. To be more accurate, I need to listen more to my gut. 🙂

Courtney said: Aiden in the Number 9 spot, with Kate in 8 and Niecy in 7.

Dang – we did pretty good this week. 🙂  Without knowing who’s dancing what next week, it’s hard to make an advanced description, but I’m going to say that Jake and Kate are in trouble with Niecy still as a long shot. All that is subject to change depending on what dance they get.

Final thoughts-

Heidi: Personally, I think that Niecy is about at the end of her road as is Jake IF he doesn’t slip or do something else to garner sympathy.  I think that Nicole explained well why she was upset, but she has to get her shit together, as does Erin.  I think Derek is very experienced at getting criers (ahem, Shannon) to snap out of it – and Nicole is much more talented of a dancer than Shannon was. Hell, her Rumba was very well done, she just got so upset with herself! RELAX. Erin – needs to relax as well. Fortunately for her, she relates so well to Maks that he should be able to snap her out of it without making her pout.  Evan – runs the risk of getting lost in the drama, but how much of a risk is it, really? Not much. His only real risk is annoying the shit out of me by begging for votes.  Pam – don’t change a thing, doll. 🙂 Chad’s continued existence depends entirely on what dance he gets next week – but I am starting to like him a good bit.  Kate? Who the hell knows? I bet she lasts two more weeks. Which WILL Piss me off.

Courtney? Anything to add??

Courtney: WOOHOO! For the first time this season, I’ve actually been semi-correct in my predictions! 😀 Even though reverse psychology didn’t work as I had hoped and Kate still lives to (attempt to) dance another day, I feel like it was Aiden’s time to go…the poor boy was still moving as awkwardly this week as he did the first week, and I feel like he just wasn’t improving fast enough. But I also think he & Edyta really got dealt a crappy hand when they got “Live Like We’re Dying” as their song – reminded me of last season when Mark & Lacey got “Don’t Lie” as their rumba – both were just screwed, because the songs really didn’t fit the feeling of the rumba.

As for Kate – I’ve almost given up on her getting sent home anytime soon. Clearly the voting audience likes train wrecks. Either that or Kate told her litter of 8 that she’d send them to bed without dinner if they didn’t call in their max amount of votes from their Fisher Price cell phones. Poor Tony – that man looks like he’d rather have a root canal than deal with her histrionics one more day.

I agree with Heidi that Niecy is likely in danger – unless people tire of Kate’s antics, or Louis choreographs something dynamite, I think she could be the one to go next week. Jake could also have some problems, but I think Chelsie’s fans could keep him around for another week or two. I’m actually wondering if people will get sick of Erin & Maks – they’re all over the media, and I’m starting to see the diva side of Erin a bit during their lead-ins. Time will tell, I guess…but VIVA LA PAM!!! I am TOTALLY on board now 😉

P.S. This results show was jam packed – check back here later or tomorrow for a whole bunch of video, including all the cheesy commercials. 🙂