DWTS Season 10, Week 4 – The Ratings?

It appears to be a tie, folks. 🙂 But this article/blog in the Washington Post is just hilarious – I recommend reading the whole thing for the way she calls the ratings race like a horse race, but I’ve put a few excerpts below:

Even so, the air was electric with excitement, in our own head anyway, to see which show would come out on top this week: Monday’s “Dancing” performance show or Tuesday’s “Idol” competition night. The expectation was that “Idol” would return to the top spot now that the first blush of excitement is over on the new season of “Dancing,” which debuted in March — about two months into the “Idol” season.

And, of course, this week was Elvis week on “Idol” — always a crowd-pleaser — and last season’s Really Big Deal (though not winner) Adam Lambert had been booked to mentor the Idolettes. And all that mind-numbing padding would be taken out of this week’s performance show — always a plus for viewers — in order to get it down to one hour and 28 minutes in length, making way for the highly hyped return of Fox’s musical dramedy “Glee.”

But, over at ABC, they brought out the heavy artillery on “Dancing.” Which is to say: rumba, tango and Pamela Anderson. Some deep-thought thinker also put a cap on the women’s clothing at 10 percent body coverage.

Monday’s potent rumba/tango and barely covered Pamela would be tough to beat.

“Dancing With the Stars” and “American Idol” had tied, with 20.6 million viewers each.

Actually, if you take it out to enough decimal points, “Idol” (20.639 million) barely edged out “Dancing” (20.562 million) by the population of Sandusky, Ohio (pop. 77,000) — the Roller Coaster Capital of the World.