Dancing with the Stars, Week 4 – Media Part IV

Still in the relatively Kate-free zone.

This video from Entertainment Tonight (4-16-10) is where I got much of my song information. You can tell that The Insider and ET are owned by the same people, what with all the Niecy pimping. At least she’s entertaining. 🙂

Extra from 4-13; Pam, Chad/Cheryl, Nicole, Jake/Chelsie, Bruno – Quiz time for Nicole and Cheryl

Extra from 4-14; stuff from the results show and post-results show. Vienna, Jake’s fiance, is a correspondent – and she doesn’t do too bad, compared to some who’ve tried in the past. Plus a little bit from the after party – my biggest question is; what is Cheryl Burke doing with Adam Shankman?? Inquiring minds…

Extra from 4-17; Jake and Chelsie and Risky Business. Jake is actually looking pretty decent in his rehearsal. There is some Kate in the middle of this one. George Lopez on Keep Kate. ::groan::