Julianne Hough Off Footloose and Back on DWTS Season 11?

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I haven’t seen too much news and talk lately about Julianne Hough and her possible return to Dancing with the Stars season 11. However, from past information it seems like Julianne Hough still had a commitment to come back on DWTS. It’s mostly just been a question of when (although, I guess she could buy it out or something).

US Magazine just reported about Chace Crawford dropping out of the remake of Footloose and Julianne also mentions that she might have to drop out of Footloose as well. Here’s the relevant quotes:

Julianne Hough is bummed Chace Crawford dropped out of Footloose.

The former Dancing With the Stars pro — who quit the show to focus on her singing and acting career — says she may have to pull out of the ’80s remake as well because of scheduling difficulties.

“His schedule couldn’t work because of Gossip Girl and mine almost didn’t work because of DWTS,” Julianne tells Us, “so we’re still actually working on mine to see if I can do it.”

Does she miss DWTS? “I do and I don’t,” Julianne says. “I miss the camaraderie and dancing, but I’m busy doing my music. I’m touring with Sugarland this year. I have a single out in June.”

Maybe I’m reading into this a little bit, but it seems certainly possible that Julianne Hough being on DWTS season 11 is the conflict that could mean she has to drop out of Footloose, no? I actually think that Julianne Hough fans will see this as a good and a bad thing. Good to have her back on DWTS season 11, but bad that they won’t get to see her in Footloose.

On the other side, Princess Heidi and her band of Derek Hough fans will certainly be very excited that Chace and possibly Julianne won’t be on Footloose. Why? Because that gives them renewed hope that Derek could replace Chace in Footloose.

It was also fun to see Julianne Hough on the ACM awards show last night. She stumbled her words a little bit, but she looked great. Here’s a video of part of her ACM presentation and a video showing her (and other beautiful women’s) fashion at the 2010 ACMs: