DWTS Season 10, Week 5 – Results Show Recap (Video)

I must say, I love how much dancing they’re putting into the results shows these days – keep up the good work!!

Len’s Dancing recap – who danced what and how well. Love the confessionals.

Jake and Chelsie’s encore/wardrobe malfunction 🙂 Nothing against Jake, but they could have picked Evan or Nicole for a second go round as this dance was fun, but not THAT great.

Quick recap of the Scores:

Adam Corrolla’s “Between the Mirrorballs” LOL

The Once-per-Season segment where the stars take over the costuming. Why is it that the celebs always want to torture Louis and get Derek nearly naked? That’s two seasons in a row for both. 🙂 As for Ochocinco Couture – I’ve seen what the man thinks is cool on twitter. Purple handbags? Um, no. Look out, Cheryl. 😉