DWTS Season 10, Week 6 – The Score Card

Better late than never, as they say. 🙂 I was out of town this week so everything is out of sorts. And I didn’t get to see the results show in a timely manner, but I will say that I can’t believe that Courtney didn’t mention the flames coming out of either Erin or Nicole’s hips during one of the recaps. I had to be surprised by that. 🙂

The Score Card:

Heidi: Called Jake pretty solidly, with Niecy as a back up.

Courtney: Called Jake solid, with Niecy as next in line.

This week I’m adding in Marianya’s predictions, keeping in mind that her predictions were made PRE-DANCE, and her predictions were for what scores the couples would get.

Marianya’s Predictions:
Pam/Damian: M’s prediction was 23, the actual score was 22
Chad/Cheryl: M said 21, actual score was 24
Erin/Maks: M said 22, the actual score was 25
Evan/Anna: M said 26, the actual score was a shocking 21
Jake/Chelsie: M said 23, the actual score was 21
Nicole/Derek: M said 27, the actual score was 26

Not too bad! She got two scores out of six within one point and one more within two points. Considering that Evan’s score was a joke, I think that’s a pretty good record. Unfortunately, she said Niecy was going home, with Pam in the bottom two with her. We don’t know the actual bottom two, but it was Jake that went home.


Heidi: Yay!! We were both completely right for a change!! I have to add that I think not many people are voting or, conversely, a lot of people are voting but not for Pam, Niecy or Jake, since the three of them were trading places in the red light of doom every week. I will also say – no WAY do I believe that Evan was anywhere close to a bottom 3. That said, I don’t know what their possible motivation could be for giving that impression OR for scoring him so poorly. As much as Maks annoys me with his bitching right now, he is absolutely right on a few points, one of them being: no way in hell did Evan dance less well than Chad, or as good as Niecy. No. Way. He was horribly underscored even though I did think his dance was missing something this week. I wonder if the judges and producers are actually trying to make it look like a horse race – and setting it up to look like a “surprise” win. Or for Nicole to be a “surprise” elimination within the next week or two.

Courtney: Not a whole lot to say this week, other than “Yay! Got it 100% right for the first time this season!” It really has been unpredictable this season, between Shannen’s early departure & Kate’s much-longer-than-it-should’ve-been presence – kinda threw things into disarray. But Jake is gone (even though I think he did much better than Chad has so far this season), Niecy’s Insider support seems to be waning – and so far, Team Viva La Pam has snatched her from the jaws of death twice – can they do it again, if it comes down to her and someone else in the bottom 2? It’s making me nervous that, out of the blue, the judges seem to suddenly be in love with Chad (with no good reason), and ragging on Evan (still wondering WTF happened there). Nicole is still getting negative critiques, but high scores; Erin’s kind of a wild card, doing marginal one week and good the next. I’m thinking that the Evan love will return this week, and that Niecy & Chad could both be in trouble…but who knows. Obviously this season has shaken my faith in my powers of prediction :-/

Marianya?? Any comment?