DWTS Season 10 Top Twitter Beggars

I’ve wanted to do this all season. Many of you are familiar with our list of Dancing with the Stars Twitter accounts (and our DWTS season 10 twitter list). It’s a really fun way to see what’s happening with your favorite celebrities and pros that are on Dancing with the Stars.

The problem with following all of them on Twitter is that far too often they are found BEGGING people for votes. Yes, I used the word begging. It’s one thing to ask casually for some votes. For example, when the season started, Evan Lysacek was asking for people to vote for him over and over again. It was amazing. Granted it might not have been him actually tweeting, but he’s still responsible since that’s his account.

I decided to go through all the tweets from the celebrities and pros on DWTS season 10 for the past 2 days and see who were the top beggars on Twitter for this week’s show. Here are the results of who asked for votes the most times:
Pam Anderson – 12 times
Derek Hough – 2 times
Cheryl Burke – 2 times
Evan Lysacek – 2 times
Damian Whitewood – 1 time
Erin Andrews – 1 time

I actually was surprised that it wasn’t more. I’ll have to do this again at the beginning of next season. It seems like people have learned (including Evan) that begging tweeting for votes too often is annoying and can actually lose you votes.

However, it seems like Pam either doesn’t care or hasn’t learned that lesson. What’s also interesting is that Pam’s tweets are also on her Facebook fan page. So, she is begging for votes on Twitter AND on Facebook. I guess we’ll see if it works or not tonight.

I will give another special twitter award to Chad Ochocinco for being the most active twitter. You basically know how many times he’s gone to the bathroom. For some odd reason, I was completely captivated by what he might tweet next.