SPOILERS!! DWTS 10, Week 7 – The Scorecard

Okay, I admit I was a little bit surprised at one couple in the bottom two. Erin and Maks. Does make me wonder if Maks is his own worst enemy, though. If it had been Evan or Nicole, I would say fans got too over confident…but Erin was in fourth place at the end of the night. Tom B kept making a point about them being in the “bottom 2”, so I don’t even think they were playing – except maybe at rallying her fans to get their crap together. 🙂 For those of you cussing me, waiting to find out who DID go home – Pam/Damian. My condolences, Courtney. I wish she were staying too, for what it’s worth. Of the six that remained, I found Nicole, Evan and Pam to be the most entertaining, for different reasons. As Tom said, the double entendre quotient will decrease significantly. The best part was – she made more than half of them herself!!

For those of you wondering just what the heck I was talking about when I was calling Elizabeth Hasselback nasty (but apropos) names —> Elizabeth is less than smart regarding Erin Way to set us back several decades, Liz!! <----sarcasm You know my fondness for Erin decreases with every week that passes, but that was totally uncalled for. The Scorecard

Heidi: Called Pam exactly (and unfortunately) right. Was surprised to see Erin in the bottom 2, although I did point out that it could happen to anyone.

Courtney: Was working (unsuccessfully) the power of positive thinking and called Niecy going home with Pam in the bottom 2 with her.

Marianya predicted which couple would get what score – pre-dance, so it’s considerably more difficult. Here’s how she did this week:

Evan – 27/30
Nicole – 27/27
Chad – 20/25
Erin – 25/27
Pam – 23/24
Niecy – 21/25

Marianya gave Team Gaga the edge (correct) and called Niecy/Chad as bottom two (incorrect). All things considered, Marianya did well since there was so much overscoring going on. 🙂


Heidi: Hey!! Called it right again, but so NOT happy about it!! I think with Pam gone, and Erin having been in the bottom 2, it may finally be Niecy’s time next week. Erin’s fans will rally (unless Maks loses control again), I don’t think Chad was ever in danger, and if Nicole’s fans are smart they will realize how easy it would be to switch Erin for Nicole in that red light of doom.

Marianya: Ugh I totally forgot about the natural scoring curve up from the midpoint of the season onward. Ah well… it looks like that Erin’s scores aren’t going to help her without the fanbase… either that or people are just plain annoyed with her and Maks by now.

I’m upset that Pamela was sent home, I think she still has a lot of legs in her run than some of the other couples, plus I’m no where near as annoyed by her as I am with Chad and Erin. But I try not to let subjectivity take over

I still haven’t seen the show yesterday (after driving for two and a half hours straight I just wanted to go to bed) and tonight didn’t record so I have to catch up tomorrow… though from all the ranting that went on I’m wondering if it’s even worth it.

Anyway it’ll be interesting to see who is going to join Even and (most likely) Nicole in the finals… it could be Erin (closest in technique) or Chad (strong fan base) or Niecy (everything else?). Guess we’re going to have to wait and see.

Courtney, Marianya? What do you guys think?