DWTS Season 10, Week 8 – Miscellaneous Media

Derek and Nicole do a Show tune of their own creation.

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For those of you eager to paint Nicole with the ringer brush while letting Erin and Evan slide, here some fun stuff just for you from Karla in the comments of another post.
USA Today

On the training she has had:
“Ballet, jazz, lyrical, all of that. But it is totally different with ballroom and partner. It’s a whole other language.”

Gee, that’s probably the same stuff that Nicole had!! Also without a partner!! As for Evan, well – ballet was his thing. And a hot picture of him in this article from New York Sports:

When we met him back in December, Lysacek ran down his training routine for us: “Weight training and biometrics every other day, cardio every other day, and ballet once a week. I usually hike on the weekends, and I do all my balance warm-up and cool-down stuff every day for an hour, and then I do court training every day for an hour.” It paid off during last night’s performance, when his back-loaded routine edged out Plushenko’s.

Hey, people keep saying dance experience is dance experience, regardless if it’s only just “chest pumps and booty dips” and not ballroom. So, unless you WANT to be a hypocrite, I guess some will have to concede that Erin and Evan have “experience” too. πŸ™‚