DWTS Season 10, Week 9 – Who’s Dancing What?

Ahhh…the semi-finals. When the judges throw away any paddle lower than 8 and, like a buncha chickens, throw it to the voters. 🙂 I kid – I don’t actually think they did that last season. I think they did score Kelly lower than everyone else which was actually appropriate at the time. Will they do that this week?? I guess we’ll see. I have a feeling they will rip Chad and give everyone else the same score, whether they deserve it or not.

Evan/Anna – Paso Doble and Fox Trot – Hmmm, Foxtrot ought to be great, but the Paso? I dunno. That has to be fierce and sharp and he did well on his tango. I imagine it will be fine. Plus they are apparently getting help. I wonder if this is a show gimmick and everyone is getting a guest choreographer? Or if this is just an Anna thing. Not sure how I feel about it. Does it give Evan an advantage to have fresh eyes on his dance?? I honestly don’t know.

Nicole/Derek – Argentine Tango and Cha Cha – Derek apparently had a bit of a breakdown where his brain exploded from too much choreography. 🙂 And after last week, he set his own bar awfully high. Hopefully, he’s pulled it all together. I’m not going to question it too much after the 50’s Paso.

Erin/Maks – Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz – Like Nicole and Derek, they got a great draw in terms of dances. I can see the Waltz being a bit more difficult, but Erin seems to be just about there. Hopefully Maks isn’t their own worst enemy – as much as I complain about him, he and Erin are more deserving of the finals than Chad is. Sorry Cheryl, I do love you. 🙂

Chad/Cheryl – Samba and Viennese Waltz – Oh boy. These dances should be the kiss of death for good old Chad. But he’s got Cheryl and she’s worked miracles before. Plus, he’s a football player with lots of fans – six of whom will be at the show on Monday, all expenses paid. 🙂 Nice, funny, strange guy, Chad. I hope he gets eliminated but I do like him.