Dancing with the Stars Season 11 – The Campaigns

With each passing season, more and more campaigns spring up, clogging my tweetdeck. By campaigns I mean fan groups of certain celebrities lobbying in any way they think will help to get their favorite on the next season of DWTS. Sometimes this is with the blessing of the celebrity and sometimes the fans don’t seem to care if the celeb wants on the show or not.

The most prominent one that I’ve seen on twitter seems to be Martha Byrne – which is, frankly, a mystery to me. Okay, so Martha was one half of a super couple on As The World Turns – she played Lily as part of the Lily/Holden couple. I know this, yes, because I used to watch this soap. 🙂 I guess I’m surprised she has such dedicated fans. And I think she’d be good on the show too. Guess what? She’s totally up for it, from the sound of it, and may have been the instigator of the campaign.

Of course, another huge one is Johnny Weir – and he has Karina Schmirnoff campaigning for him.

Plus, they are friends –

Johnny Weir has been discussed as a contestant since the day that Evan was announced as a participant. The things I read made him sound a little bitter that Evan was chosen, but I think there is still room for Johnny and I think he would probably be delightful. Now, I’ve got no dog in this fight – I like both guys. Don’t spam me people. 🙂

The person who has surpassed Evan Lysacek levels of tweeting related to DWTS is this guy who is campaigning for Bern Nadette Stanis (Thelma from Good Times):

And you’re seeing only a tiny fraction of his commitment to his cause. 🙂 This guy is passionate. There’s even a facebook page. According to this page, she really wants to do it. I hope she’s successful. I HOPE this guy lays off the campaign a little bit because he’s killing my tweetdeck. 🙂

Hmmm…don’t know if this is really a campaign, per se, as much as an offhand comment – Debi Nova. Click the link and judge for yourself. 🙂

These are far from the only campaigns that I’ve seen for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, but that’s going to have to do it for now. I’ll post more later – but by all means, if you know of one I haven’t mentioned, let me know!!