Dancing with the Stars – Pimp Your Favorite Pro!!

Last hiatus, I wrote up something on what each of the pros were doing with their time off. It was very tedious, actually. 🙂 So, I had an idea – why not let the fans submit articles about their favorite pro? You can write anything you want – what they’re doing, why you love them, what ever. Of course, there are a few rules – if we didn’t have rules I imagine I would get a 3000 word thesis about each of them. Maybe more than one. 🙂

The Rules:
1. Maximum number of words is 750 – yes, I will check.
2. You can include up to TWO pictures
3. Do not make this a “my pro is better than your pro” – this isn’t a competition, it’s an opportunity for you to rave about your favorite. Tell us why they’re so great.
4. Try to make it entertaining, and use spell check.

Provided that you follow the rules, I will NOT edit what you send me – so make sure you have it written how you want people to read it. I am NOT going to be doing any write ups on any of the pros – I don’t have the time and all of them are busy. So if you want others to know how great they’re doing, where their fans are congregating, if they’re just having an exciting vacation, or if you just plain think they are hot – let us know. PIMP YOUR PRO!! Send me your write up at heidi@purederekhough.com – be sure to put “Pimp Your Pro” in the subject header and include the name you want on the write up; either your real name or your nickname, whichever you prefer.

There is no time limit on this – I will post them as I get them, provided I don’t get several in one day, then I will spread them out over a few days.