Pimp Your Pro – Derek Hough, According to Mertze

We have another Derek lover!! Her name is Mertze and she included pictures!! I love pictures. πŸ™‚

Well there goes my glowing report about the best hunk there is on television. I was hoping to be the first to brag about Derek Hough and how wonderfully talented he is. How babelisiously handsome he is. But that was all said in the first report. That’s OK though cause Derek is still the best eye candy in the world, especially when he moves on the dance floor, and no one can change that.

Derek is the only pro I see. He is witty, charming, funny and as stated above oh so handsome. AH, but those are not his best traits! He is talented beyond the scope of words. He is a genius when it comes to choreography. His 50’s “imPASOble” Paso is proof he can do anything on the dance floor. He can “move” so well it makes me melt to watch him dance. I love a lot of his season 10 dances, especially his Foxtrot.

Be still my beating heart! That’s not all he can do. He plays multiple instruments and can sing! I simply adore a man who has more than one gift. To me he is the most romantic man ever.

He can serenade you then sweep you off your feet and dance the night away. Take me away Derek!