DWTS Season 11 – Rumors, Innuendos, Lies and Jokes?

UPDATE – This is why I always couch everything as a rumor or as a possible joke. 🙂 Because DWTS is a Pop Culture phenomenon along with American Idol. So, when ex-football players have a few drinks or are being just plain silly and are asked what they’re up to, they say “Dancing with the Stars”, of course. 🙂 And when people need attention, desperately, they tell other people the are going to be…wait for it…on Dancing with the Stars.

Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s HILARIOUS. Why? Because I’m pretty careful with how I word things…but others aren’t. 😉

What am I talking about? Well, if you haven’t heard by now, Troy Aikman was joking. Supposedly. Either joking or the producers told him to shut the hell up. Who knows? Who cares? I just love the DRAMA. Also, quite a lot of chatter on twitter implying that Theresa was giving a false impression and that DWTS never asked her to be on the show. Well, that’s happened before, so no surprise there. But need I say – just because someone on Twitter says it’s true doesn’t make it…true. 🙂 Who knows if it is or not? I guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks.

At the end of the day, I’m just as hesitant to believe someone when they say the AREN’T going to be on the show, as I am when they say the ARE. I can be very annoying like that – ask my Derek fan friends. 🙂

Random Internet Quote: “Wait, Troy Aikman is too good to be on DWTS, but he’ll film a Rent-A-Center Commercial with Hulk Hogan? 🙂