Ali and Roberto from Bachelorette on Dancing with the Stars Season 11

Well, as you know Heidi is all about the Dancing with the Stars rumor control. She found this one too, but is otherwise tied up in the job that helps her put food on the table. So, she gave me the honors.

This rumor comes from a pretty reliable source since he’s been pulling out ALL the Bachelorette spoilers for a while now (Heidi is a big fan of his). His name is Steve over on Reality Steve. You’ll want to skip over his whole Bachelorette spoiler and near the bottom he says that Ali and Roberto from the Bachelorette have both been asked to be on Dancing with the Stars season 11. Here’s the section that matters:

It was announced yesterday that the new cast of “Dancing with the Stars” would be announced on Aug. 30th during the 4th episode of “Bachelor Pad”. The only other time DWTS has announced their cast during something relating to the “Bachelor/ette” franchise, was last season during Jake and Vienna’s “After the Final Rose” show that Jake would be a contestant. So I don’t think it’s too hard to conclude that there will be someone from this franchise next season on DWTS. I can tell you that Ali and Roberto have both been asked to be on DWTS next season. I’m guessing they will both accept. That’s going to be the worst kept secret for the next 28 days.

Certainly sounds reasonable to have Ali on the show. They have made that kind of a tradition. Why, I’m not exactly sure, but they certainly have a large number of fans after being on the show. That said, it seems like a bit of a stretch to have both of them on a season. Why tie up 2 star spots? Although, I’m guessing they don’t pay them very much (relative to the other stars) and the head to head of an engaged couple could be interesting. I for one find Ali incredibly attractive, so on that note I’d love to have her on the show.
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