DWTS Season 11 – Another Rumor Gets a Bit More Solid

🙂 And that rumor is Landon Donovan. Another interesting non-denial. From Ryan Seacrest via Soccer Fanhouse:

In an interview Wednesday with Ryan Seacrest, Donovan avoided giving a definitive answer. When asked about the show, Donovan quipped, “You haven’t seen me dance, have you? … My only hope is that they don’t find a picture of me dancing somewhere in Vegas. That could be brutal.”

But don’t rule the L.A. Galaxy star out just yet. He certainly seemed amenable to the possibility.

“I’ve seen how many people watch the show,” Donovan said.

“I think my only request would be to get one of the really hot dancer girls,” Donovan said. “Those girls are so hot, and they’re so fit.”