Dancing with the Stars – Who Wore it Better, Part VI

Alright kids…another week, another batch of 7 costumes to compare, contrast, and critique! And I know you all don’t agree wholeheartedly with everything Heidi & I have to say, so please…speak up.  Show us that you give a damn 😉 (Heidi: I’m in a really bad mood because this is turning into a 60 hour work week. Warning, warning!!)

 And again, many, many thanks to Marcela in Brazil for sending us a plethora of pictures of dittoed costumes that she found 😉 Você é maravilhosa, Marcela!

Battle of the purple & pink heavily-stoned ballgown: Kim’s “Pink Panther” foxtrot with Mark in season 7 vs. Chelsie’s preseason photo shoot in season 8

Courtney: As much as I don’t particularly care for Kim’s personality (especially her rather blasé demeanor while she was on the show), I think this suits Kim’s complexion and hair color better than it does Chelsie – seems to make her look ruddy.  But definitely one of my favorite ballgowns they’ve ever had on the show – love the color combo and just the simplicity of the cut. 

Heidi: I think it shortens Chelsie’s body too much – maybe the ankle length?? Or maybe just the pose. And I agree, it definitely goes better with the darker hair and completion on Kim.

The winner: Kim, in spite of her personality.

Battle of the yellow, cut-out, feathered Latin dress: Brooke in the samba smackdown in season 7 vs. Cheryl in the pro dance to Robin Thicke in season 8

Heidi: This is a stupid dress. I don’t like yellow, I don’t like the cutouts, I don’t like it on either of them. :::stamps feet::::  😉

Courtney: Now I love yellow – but the cut of this dress is just silly-looking to me.  Makes both ladies look like Tweety Bird or something.  It also doesn’t do justice to professional American rhythm competitor Jaana Lillemagi. But since we’ve already determined that Cheryl can pull off yellow with her skin tone, I’m gonna go with her.

The winner: Despite Heidi’s temper tantrum, Cheryl looks the best as a cartoon canary. 😉

Battle of the royal blue satin cut-out Latin dress: Julianne’s cha-cha with Apolo in season 4 vs. Anna in the pro paso demo in season 8

Courtney: This dress is just extremely odd to me – doesn’t really feel like a Latin dress or a ballgown.  And Anna, you know I love you to bits, but man – you look GHASTLY in this dress.  I feel like it just makes Anna look pale, and something about the cut of it adds pounds to her otherwise flawless figure.  It’s not terrible on Julianne, per se; it’s just kind of a non-event.  Not bad, but not great.  So I’ll go with Julianne.

Heidi: Boy, you’re reading my mind here. This dress’s structure is not flattering to either girl. Luckily for Julianne, she comes off a bit better, due mainly due to the pose. Anna, who has a perfect figure, looks almost like she has a spare tire. It’s that stupid vertical pit of fabric, I think, combined with the straight cut across the hips.

The winner: Julianne by a pose.

Battle of the sparkly, gold, long-sleeve romper: Julianne’s freestyle with Helio in season 5 vs. Karina’s pro dance with Derek to Selena Gomez in season 9

Heidi: Well, I have mad love for Karina’s partner, plus I think it suits her hair and skin tone better. 😉

Courtney: CAMEL TOE ALERT!!! Ladies, this is why skin-tight rompers should just be avoided altogether – it’s hard to mask this dreaded fashion faux pas.  It makes it hard for me to even really like this costume on either lady – but since it’s not quite so visible on Karina, I’m giving this one to her.

Heidi: Well I think that most of what you’re seeing is a function of fabric, camera angle and shadow. I don’t think there is a true camel toe (and god, even typing those words makes me throw up in my mouth a bit – thanks, Court).

Courtney: Camel toe is no laughing matter, my friend! Hehe 😉

The winner: Karina, by a hotter partner and better angle.

Battle of the pink, fringy, sparkly Latin dress: Kym’s jive with Mark in season 5 vs. Marlee’s preseason photo shoot with Fabian in season 6

Courtney: Wow, what a difference lighting makes! I can assure you all that this is indeed the same dress – the lighting from Marlee’s photo shoot just really washes out the otherwise vibrant neon pink that we see in Kim’s jive. I’m not particularly wowed by the dress on either lady.  So again, I default to my wise cohort on this one 😉

Heidi: Kym. Kym all the way. Better boobage, better lighting, a face full of joy. 😉

The winner: Kym by default.

Battle of the black & white, sparkly patterned ballgown: Melissa’s foxtrot with Tony in season 8 vs. Anna in the pro dance to Michael Buble in season 9

Heidi: This is a pretty dress – I dig it. It looks good on both ladies, but I have to go with Anna, mainly because her shoes match better and I like her hair better. I don’t like the tight style that Melissa is wearing.

Courtney: I’ve got to give this one to Anna – like with Lacey & the zebra dress last week, the little “pop” of color of her red hair just seems to pair better with the black & white of the dress than Melissa’s darker hair. 

The winner: Anna!! By a hair…and a shoe.

Battle of the red, sparkly, ruffle-y, cut-out Latin dress: Marlee’s cha-cha with Fabian in season 6 vs. Shawn’s preseason photo shoot with Mark in season 8

Courtney: Either I’m just getting sick of commenting on costumes (doubtful 😉 ) or I’ve seen this dress before – or rather, several dresses that seem nearly the same.  What is it with the costume department and red, ruffle-y, sparkly Latin dresses for the ladies? It’s becoming almost cliché. I guess I pick Shawn for this one – for once, the overall look of a dress actually seems more “finished” the 2nd go-round than it did for the first!

Heidi: Whoa. Marlee is WHITE. Way too white. Distractingly white. Gotta go with Shawn for her tan and her ear rings.

The winner: Shawn by a tan.


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