DWTS Season 11 New Rumor – Ryan O’Neal

Well, didn’t see this one coming and I don’t recall hearing his name mentioned in connection with the show – until now. The article itself is really about Linday Lohan, and Derek and Mark’s comments about her being on the show. From E!s Marc Malkin by way of MSNBC/Today Show:

Fellow hoofer Derek Hough seconds that. “If she did it, I’d be game,” he said. “It’s cool because you do see people turn their lives around on “Dancing With the Stars.” It keeps them fit. It’s nice to see people a year later who started on the new health regime and have kept on track.”

However, Hough warns that Lohan should only compete if she’s focused. “You have to want to do the show,” he said. “You should never come into the show having a manger or any agent or anybody telling you should do this. You need to want to do it. Those are the people who do the best, who want to be there and they’re excited about it. They’re not just there because somebody told them to do it.”

They then talk about all the rumors we’ve heard before, but then throw this little tidbit out at the very end. Take it for what it’s worth – and I don’t know what that is. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve also been told by a source that Ryan O’Neal is still in talks with producers but he hasn’t decided yet if he’ll take the plunge.