DWTS Season 11 – The Press, Part II

First picture I’ve seen from a title shoot – Audrina and Tony! From Audrina’s Blog:

Ryan Seacrest’s strategy worked and he predicted right! I am dancing with Tony Dovolani! The pic above is a sneak peak to our promo photo shoot – thanks Kelsey for the pic!

I hope you guys all watch me on Dancing With the Stars! Now, I have to go catch up on my rest!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, we dodged a SERIOUS bullet this season:

Who turned down ‘Dancing With the Stars’

According to a source involved with casting, the network approached Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg to join the dance card for the show’s 11th cycle but was unable to secure him. The network also lobbied unsuccessfully for Sylvester Stallone, political commentator Ann Coulter, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the real Erin Brockovich, billionaire Richard Branson, comic actor Tim Allen and former TV darling Suzanne Somers.

“We’ve approached a lot of people over the years,” executive producer Conrad Green told THR. “People say no for a variety of reasons. Some people like the show but think they suck at dancing. It’s a lot easier to say no than it is to say yes.”

If you think I can be mean? You ain’t SEEN mean until you’ve seen my reaction to the likes of Ann Coulter. I may have quit the website over her.

Although lobbying for a spot on the roster has proved successful in the past — hello, Melissa Joan Hart — the casting source said those who push usually have little success.

“Melanie Griffith tries to get on every season,” the source said.

And even before rehearsals begin, whispers of on-set drama are running rampant.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former GOP vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, already has been dubbed this season’s Kate Gosselin, who was famously difficult at times last season.

“Bristol was really annoyed by all the questions about whether her mom would be in the audience to support her,” the source said. “She kept complaining about the amount of press she had to do. She is acting like this is all a big pain.”

Oh dear. Click the link above to read the whole article. It’s very interesting and talks about compensation structure – much of which I’ve heard before, but it’s still interesting.

Hee. Joan was snubbed??

Joan Rivers Snubbed by ‘Dancing With the Stars’: Comedian Has Some Choice (4 Letter) Words for ABC

Joan Rivers is furious—and not it’s not with Lindsay Lohan this time. The Season 11 cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ has been revealed, and Joan Rivers’ name wasn’t on the list. The longtime Hollywood fixture was passed over for a spot on the hit ABC ballroom show. Despite telling producers of her interest in appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ Joan Rivers has gotten nothing but crickets for her lobbying efforts.

ETA: Jennifer Grey is hilarious. 🙂 She tweeted this:
@therealjgrey: It’s not DWTS til you look like a tranny. I love these, wore em to bed. Woke up looking like Hitler.

This was the picture: