Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Odds and Competitiveness Factor

Time to take a look at a number of other ways to try and rank and evaluate the various stars chances on Dancing with the Stars season 11. Voguerista commented with the following Las Vegas Odds for Dancing with the Stars (I’m not sure of the exact source):
Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke, 4 to 1
Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough, 5 to 1
David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson, 6 to 1
Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, 7 to 1
Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower, 9 to 1
Mike β€œThe Situation” Sorrentino and Karina Smirnoff, 11 to 1
Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas, 15 to 1
Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya, 16 to 1
Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani, 20 to 1
Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel, 25 to 1
Kyle Massey and Lacy Schwimmer, 30 to 1
Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas, 35 to 1

mmc commented with these odds from Bodog.com that provide a different perspective on the odds for each star.
Brandy 3/1
Jennifer 7/2
Rick 5/1
Sitch 7/1
Audrina, Hoff, Michael 10/1
Margaret 12/1
Kyle 15/1
Bristol, Kurt 20/1
Florence 25/1

Of course, it’s really early to try and create odds when we haven’t even seen them dance yet. However, that’s what makes it so much fun and so interesting. I’m really surprised that they have Rick Fox so high in both cases. Although, his ex-wife has an audience that likely has a fair amount of overlap with the DWTS audience and so he could benefit from that if they don’t all hate him for breaking up. I also wouldn’t have ranked Kurt Warner that low either. Football fans likely won’t be surprised by him, but I think that many DWTS viewers are going to fall in love with Kurt.

Voguerista offered an interesting idea in the comments also about the person’s level of competitiveness being a factor in their success on Dancing with the Stars. Obviously, this plays some role. The fact that Lawrence Taylor was thinking more about his tee time than dancing is a problem. I’m not sure how you measure this, but this list of competitiveness by Voguerista is interesting to consider:
Brandy – 50% Competitive. But Max will be 100% Competitive. So, he may push that # up to 90%.
Audriana – 50% Competitive
Florence – 20% Competitive, she’ll be just having fun
Bristol – 100% Competitive, has something to prove personally and has a message for us about herself
Margaret Cho – 0% Competitive -just having fun too. Won’t care if she’s out that frst week.
Jennifer – 100% Competitive.

The Situation – 100% Competitive
Kyle – 20% Competitive
Rick Fox – 100% Competitive -it’s in the blood
David Hasselhoff – 100% Competitive -he will take this on just like Donny Osmond
Michael Bolton – 0% Competitive. I love this guy. But, I have a feeling he doesn’t really care and hopes to be out soon especially with concert dates falling on a Monday and Tuesday?
Kurt Warner – 100% Competitive -it’s in the blood