DWTS Season 11 – More Pre-Season Media

Wow. I like everyone they spoke to in this clip from the Insider – I particularly like Jennifer’s comments about Dirty Dancing. It seems she bears no ill will toward the movie, which was something I wondered about. This also shows Brandy and Bristol as likeable.
via The Insider

Some paparazzi video with quite a few different people – warning, it’s long. Hasselhoff = HAM.Access Hollywood cracks me up, for obvious reasons. LOL

Wow, Maks wrote a very nice blog! I think maybe he learned a lesson last season too.

Brandy is quite a personality. She is hilarious! We get along really well and are having a lot of fun. She’s very free and very willing to experiment. She’s not afraid to experiment even though she appears to be a bit of scaredy-cat. She’s a perfectionist, but she’s a fun perfectionist. She’s not one who drills herself. She can laugh at herself and . definitely has natural potential and talent. I’ll be honest: When I found out I got Brandy, my immediate thought was, “Please let her have some dance experience!” Why? I felt like the off-season went by in a week! It’s crazy. I’ve just been flying around the whole summer with a lot of projects in the works — just super busy. For me, this summer, I spent it on a plane. I still feel the aches from last season. It’s crazy. To me, the show just finished. Now we’re back in it, so it’s kind of funny. It would help if Brandy if had been an amazing dancer. But she’s not — and obviously I don’t mean that in a bad way. Her strength, though, is definitely her personality. I think I just need to be able to package her and present her to the viewers and we’re going to be good. I’m still trying to get myself in the right mindset. Last season was very difficult because there were weeks where, toward the end, I did nothing but Dancing with the Stars. It was literally just rehearse, eat, sleep, eat, rehearse. It gets a little crazy after a while because you feel like you’re missing out on life. But then you realize this is what life is!

The cast this season is very eclectic. I think there a re a lot of people who have potential. I think Jennifer Grey is a dancer at heart. I haven’t seen anyone take a step, so I don’t know her level of experience, but I think she’s in great shape. I think Audrina is someone who can pull away. She has Tony, who’s very excited to work with her. I think there are a few from the men’s side who can be good. Kurt Warner and Rick Fox — they know what it’s like to do something over and over again being athletes. I think Michael Bolton will know how to put on a performance. Of course, I don’t know how limber he is. I think this cast is more even than in some seasons past.

One last thing I want to mention for the first and last time: romance rumors. There was a lot of stuff last season about Erin and me, and I already see stuff this season and the cast was just announced! I just want everyone to know that there’s absolutely no way that anybody will get me to talk about anything about my personal life. I think our fans are amazing. I’ve had incredible support in the tough times and I try to give back with what I do on the dance floor. I love our extended family, but there are certain things that one must keep to themselves. I put out a lot out there — I know that — but everyone has a right to a personal life. One thing I promise is that like last season, I’m very focused on dancing, getting Brandy into the final and getting the trophy. She’s very talented and very capable of winning. We’re going to give our best. I just want everyone to understand that they will never get an answer from me or her or anyone else now or even in the next three years, God-willing, if we’re still doing this. But I want you to know that I’m not blind and I do see the rumors, but I’m not going to address them. And I’m saying that with a smile on my face.