New Pure DWTS Series – The Pros & Cons of the DWTS Pros

UPDATE: You can check out all the posts in the Pros and Cons of the DWTS Pros Series as their posted.

I’m really excited to announce that we (Heidi, Courtney, Marianya, and myself) have been working hard on a new series of posts where we discuss the pros and cons of each of the Dancing with the Stars Pros. That’s right. All four of us share our perspectives on what some might call the real stars of DWTS: the Professionals. Seriously, the pros on DWTS have become stars in their own right.

I think you’ll enjoy the series of posts, because we really don’t hold back in our opinions of the dancers. Remember that they are just our opinions. In fact, even amongst ourselves you’ll find that we have different opinions about the various pros. We think that’s healthy and we welcome you to have your own opinions about the pros we discuss and that you share your opinions in the comments.

We don’t claim to be unbiased in our posts since we think that’s impossible. Everyone is biased. This series of posts will display the Pure DWTS writers’ biases front and center. For example, if you ever wonder why I always ooh and ahh about all the blonde pros, you can just refer back to these posts to remember how much I love the blondes. Plus, we figured this would be something interesting for our readers to enjoy while they (and we) wait for the DWTS premiere.

We’ll be posting about each of the pros 2 at a time from now until the start of the show in no particular order (basically as they’re finished). So, if you don’t see us talking about your favorite pro, just be patient. We’ll get there.