All the Right Moves – Attention All Men!

LOL. I posted this on PureDerekHough because they use a picture of him and Nicole, but I figured this was an interesting article about a dance study that was done in England. Found this in the NY Daily News Click the link to read more.

Best foot forward?

Guys who make the right moves on the dance floor just might attract the girl of their dreams. It’s the speed of a man’s right knee, paired with the variety and the shape of his neck and torso movements that can set a woman’s heart aflutter, according to research reported on

Psychologists employed computer-generated avatars to figure out what ladies like to see in a guy when he dances.

At Northumbria University in England, they filmed 19 guys ranging in age from 18 to 35. Using a 12-camera system as the guys danced to a German dance track, the researchers mapped the volunteers’ movements onto white, featureless, gender-neutral characters.

They used this picture with the article.