Miscellaneous Media – September 16, 2010

Maks and Brandy on ET – I sure like Brandy. She might even get me to be more positive about Maks. 🙂

Tony and Audrina on Lopez Tonight – I dunno people, she’s like Joanna part deux. Can she make it to the final four??

Kurt and Anna on one of the local ABC affiliates. Joker reported clearly doesn’t see dancing as a sport.

Bwahahahahaha….this guy might actually entertain me way more than annoy me. 🙂

Karina and the Sitch

Chelsie/Michael and Kurt/Anna on Entertainment Tonight

Rick and Cheryl – he looks pretty good. He and Kurt both look a tad stiff, but I bet that goes away.

Margaret seems cool. Don’t know how she’ll do as a dancer though.