New Dancing with the Stars Fitness DVDs

There’s been a common storyline for the stars that go on Dancing with the Stars and that has been the amount of weight they’ve lost by being on the show. I think the 2 best examples are probably Kelly Osbourne and Marie Osmond. They both lost an amazing amount of weight thanks to all the dancing on the show.

It seems fitting then that the pros on DWTS would come out with some Dancing with the Stars Fitness DVDs. Turns out there are a TON of Dancing with the Stars Fitness DVD’s I actually have a few of them myself (that my wife uses).

Although, when I looked through that list I didn’t see the latest Dancing with the Stars workout DVDs listed. Although, we know they’re coming since Kym Johnson tweeted this picture from the set of the new DWTS Fitness DVD. That’s some three-some: Kym, Edya and Chelsie.

I challenge readers to use the Dancing with the Stars Fitness DVD’s (or your preferred workout method) during the season even if you’re a good weight. It’s good for the heart to workout regularly. I know I personally play sports 2-3 times a week and hold my own dance parties with my kids in our living room regularly. Nothing better than a good workout.

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