DWTS 11, Week 2 – Who’s Dancing What…and When

The dances for the week are Quickstep and Jive – kinda crazy for week 2, but maybe that’s just me. 🙂 It appears that everyone who did the Viennese Waltz is doing the Jive, everyone who did the Cha Cha is doing the Quickstep. HOWEVER, all the pros and their celeb partners are being suspiciously silent on the dance order – it also seems that camera blocking happened later today than normal so maybe that’s all there is to it. Whatever, we don’t have ANY of the dance order yet, So check back as I will update if and when I find out.

ETA: TMZ claims they have the songs the couples are dancing to, as well as the dance (beat you guys on the dance, neener neener 🙂 ).

ETA 2: It has been suggested that the TMZ order in which they list the dancers/dance/song is the dance order as well, since Kurt is going 9th and Rick is going first – which mimicks the order that TMZ has them in. So I’ve rearranged the couples in that order, below. When it’s actually confirmed (if), I’ll type it in bold. Which would make Courtney incorrect as it puts Derek/Jennifer at the top of the hour (6th place). 🙂 The Sitch and Karina in the pimp spot, eh? That means one of two things. 🙂

These are the dances the couples are doing per their twitter accounts:

Rick and Cheryl – Jive
Dancing 1st

Florence and Corky – Quickstep

Brandy and Maks – Jive

Michael and Chelsie – Jive

Audrina and Tony – Quickstep

Jennifer and Derek – Jive

Margaret and Louis – Jive

Kyle and Lacey – Quickstep

Kurt and Anna – Jive
Dancing 9th

Bristol and Mark – Quickstep

The Sitch and Karina – Quickstep

According to Louis’s facebook/twitter, next week is storyline week and he’s praying that the music they are given “fits” the storyline ideas that he and Margaret have. Oh dear. I really don’t like storyline week, much.

In other news, Jonathan and Anna are working on a Pro dance for the first results show in October. 🙂