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DWTS Season 11 Quickstep and Jive Music

I previously posted the rumored Dancing with the Stars Quickstep and Jive music list, but now it’s time for the real list of music instead of just rumors. As always, if you’re looking for music from past episodes of Dancing with the Stars, check out our full DWTS music list.

Rick & Cheryl danced a Jive to the song “Tush” Tush—ZZ Top
Florence & Corky danced a Quickstep to the song “Suddenly I See” Suddenly—KT Tunstall
Brandy & Maksim danced a Jive to the song “Magic” Magic—B.o.B
Michael & Chelsie danced a Jive to the song “Hound Dog” Hound—Elvis Presley
Audrina & Tony danced a Quickstep to the song “Love Machine” Love—Girls Aloud
Jennifer & Derek danced a Jive to the song “Shake It” Shake—Metro Station
Margaret & Louis danced a Jive to the song “Dreaming” Dreaming—Blondie
Kyle & Lacey danced a Quickstep to the song “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” (If—Weezer
Kurt & Anna danced a Jive to the song “Danger Zone” Danger—Kenny Loggins
Mike & Karina danced a Quickstep to the song “Americano” Americano—Brian Setzer
Bristol & Mark danced a Quickstep to the song “You Can’t Hurry Love” You—The Supremes

September 27, 2010 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

DWTS11 Week 2 Power Rankings

Anyone else feel like this was “redux” week? As I was mentioning to Heidi on Twitter, there were several costumes, songs, and even routines that felt a bit recycled to me from previous seasons – I’m sure some of you noticed them as well.  But I won’t go into detail, because we’ll save it for the Cheesecake Awards & perhaps an edition of “Who Wore it Better?” 😉

All dittoing aside, another great night of dancing, and I’m still astonished at how no one really & truly sucks this season…well, except for Bolton 😛 ON WITH THE RANKINGS!!!

1.) Jennifer & Derek – My god, I am still in awe of how great a body this woman has at her age.  And at how well she moves! This jive was sharp, sassy, and totally adorable – Jen definitely kept up with Derek’s choreography well, and it was of course choreography that was very well-suited to each beat of the music.  She did seem to run out of steam a bit in the middle, but I can’t blame her in the slightest…poor woman must’ve been feeling faint, because it looked like someone had given her something to eat off-camera that she was still swallowing when they got their scores.  It looks like Jen is quickly becoming the sentimental favorite this season, but one really nice thing about Jen is that she also CAN ACTUALLY DANCE 😀 These two seem totally safe this week – if the booing after they got their scores (which were still the highest of the week, but I agree – they should’ve been a point or two higher) is any indicator, there are a lot of fans in Jen’s camp, and they’re bound and determined to keep their girl in!

2.) Audrina & Tony – 2nd highest score of the week, and a hilarious bit about Tony having to wax his legs – plus a really well-choreographed quickstep that Audrina actually pulled off well.  I gotta give Tony props – this was some great quickstep choreography.  Very nice balance of basic steps and flashier tricks.  Audrina definitely improved this week, and seemed to be a bit more comfortable moving her body this time. Still seems a bit tentative with her movements (and still not a lot of facial expressions), which I’m hoping continues to improve week after week.  And DAMN – Audrina has got some wicked abs.  I noticed them last week, but something about her dress this week just really drew my eyes to them. Great performance, great score, and great comedy.  People will remember them, and memorability (is that a word? Call me Mama Palin 😉 ) equals votes.  These two should be safe.

3.) Kyle & Lacey – There were two male contestants that had the hens in my office all a-twitter (and not actually on Twitter – half of them don’t even know what it is) last week – and Kyle was one of them.  Can’t blame them – this kid is an absolute RIOT out on that floor.  I always find myself so amused by him, his facial expressions, and the gusto with which he attacks each step.  Is his technique impeccable? Hell no, but then again I don’t think any of Lacey’s partners have been praised heavily for their technique – if there’s one pro that can help their partner get by solely on showmanship, it’s Lacey.  Luckily, though, Kyle does have some degree of skill…some skills I hope he continues to develop as the show progresses, because I have a feeling the judges may grow a bit weary of his sometime-sloppy (but very enthusiastic!) approach.  Pretty sure their presence in the bottom 2 last week was a complete ruse, and these two will be one of the first announced as safe this week – especially with some very weak scores by other contestants lurking out there…

4.) Rick & Cheryl – This man continues to astound me, not only with that GORGEOUS megawatt smile of his (mmmm :-D) but also by his busting of every single stereotype there is on the show about very tall men.  That jive was good, PERIOD.  Not just “good for someone that’s 6-foot-7” – he was light, he was crisp, he was on-time, and he was having a great time.  It was a delight to watch – both he and Kurt are the two guys who give me warm fuzzies everytime they dance, because they seem like the two that are just so daggone happy to be there that they could get the lowest score of the week and still thank the judges for the opportunity to dance.  I actually Rick & Cheryl were underscored a bit (Heidi concurs), but 21 is still a solid score, especially with the points spread so wide this week (I’ll leave it to my cohort to elaborate).  They also have the boon of going first, which always helps.

5.) Bristol & Mark – If you had told me in the preseason that I’d be ranking these two this high, I would have laughed quite heartily before offering you a great deal on some swampland in Florida 🙂 But something about Bristol seems very endearing and likeable, and a part of me is really wanting to see her do well on the show.  This quickstep was pretty damn simple, yes, and probably overscored a bit; but Bristol seemed to roll with the punches (from Mark’s nose, hehe) quite well this week, and came across as very classy in this dance.  She held her own and stayed on time. Loved her dress – thought she looked really pretty this week, in a very age-appropriate, understated way.  Also seemed to love the way that she seemed to quietly laugh and shake her head like “Oh, mom” whenever Mama Palin talked.  The simple fact that they got the coveted pimp spot this week tells me that they may be pulling in far more votes than we initially thought they were – I’m calling these two as safe for at least the next 2 weeks, especially if Bristol continues to improve.

6.) Brandy & Maks – Erm.  Little bit of a stutter from these two this week – I don’t think the jive was really Brandy’s dance, as she definitely seemed to struggle to keep up and they did get off-time in a few spots.  The parts where she was in control (like her solo, which I’m not sure was a very good choice choreographically – judges didn’t seem to like it), this girl looked great, and seemed like she was having the time of her life; unfortunately, those seemed outnumbered by the parts where she looked bewildered and out of breath.  Had to chuckle a bit when Brandy pointed the finger at Maks for some iffy choreo, but also have to respect him for owning it – as opposed to throwing a shirt 😉 I think Brandy may one of the rare ladies that actually does better in the ballroom dances than the Latin ones, so hopefully she can recuperate with a foxtrot next week.  I’m thinking Maks’ fanbase (which, if my office is any indicator, seems to have grown exponentially since last week!) will keep these two safe for awhile, but hopefully Brandy will improve – because with a competition this tight, it will turn out to be the battle of the fanbases.

7.) Kurt & Anna – Ahhh, my little ray of redheaded sunshine and her equally as lovable partner J Seriously – could this guy be any more adorable, and just an all-around class act? I actually really liked this jive too – Kurt kept up, his moves were clean, and he seemed to have a lot of fun with it.  LOVED Anna’s costume! Wasn’t quite as tacky as I had hoped, but oh well – I’ll take good dancing over tacky themes if I can get it 😉 This was a vast improvement over last week.  Kurt will likely have the NFL vote behind him for at least a few more weeks, and possibly more – if he improves from week-to-week like he did this time, he could actually make it to the semifinals.  Team Evanna from last season seems to also be heavily throwing their support behind Team Kurtanna (poor Anna, there just aren’t a whole lot of creative team names to be made with a name like hers!), so these two will likely be safe as we weed out some of the less-skilled, less popular celebs.

8.) The Situation & Karina – I’ve got him this high solely because everyone seems to think he’s a riot, and look forward to hearing the crazy stuff he says each week.  I really have to shake my head & chuckle a bit about the Sitch – for as much machismo and swagger as this guy throws around, he is completely INEPT when it comes to dancing – and he knows it, which is actually kind of endearing.  Gotta give him props for effort – even if that effort doesn’t translate to a whole lot of success on the floor.  This was pretty damn shuffly and out of step, but I did enjoy some of the more athletic parts – the little catch at the end was pretty cool.  One thing that was very interesting to me – the Sitch seems to almost have the opposite problem of many of the guys on the show, in that he holds his frame too high as opposed to letting it crumble.  Anywho, these two got a decent spot in the running order, and I think he’s still got the novelty factor on his side – but he will need to improve FAST in order to keep up with the Joneses in this competition.  Interested to see his paso doble – I feel like it could be a turning point for him.

9.) Florence & Corky – Sorry, but I am just not feeling these two AT ALL.  Blah. They do nothing for me – this routine was pretty damn boring, and it seemed like they were moving painfully slow for a quickstep.  Ill-received comedy – blech.  Uncomfortable shuffling and hauling Flo around the floor – blech.  Corky is kinda disappointing me this season with his choreo – can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually preferred some of the stuff he gave Cloris to some of the stuff he’s giving Flo.  At least she seems to have reigned in some of the awkward behavior this week.  These two could possibly be in trouble, due to a bad running order position (the dreaded #2) and a relatively low score.  But I think they’ll barely make it in under the wire, due to some REEEALLLY low scoring from certain others…

10.) Margaret & Louis – Props to Louis for not going for the slapstick comedy this week, but unfortunately this seemed rather unmemorable to me.  I actually have to disagree with both Louis & Carrie Ann – Marge’s facial expressions would’ve improved this dance, which otherwise seemed just…blah.  Yes, Marge did keep up pretty well, but she was pretty heavy on her feet and the choreo wasn’t super hard. Overall, kinda low energy.  I think they could be in more danger this week than last week, due to sheer boredom on the part of the voters, but if their near-miss last week was any indicator, they may have more fans than we think.  Likely in the bottom two; but could get ousted if there’s a miracle pulled off by…

11.) Michael & Chelsie – To quote my good friend Brian, who was texting me during the show: “It’s rare when I actually feel embarassed for someone, but that did it.” Ooh wee – this was painful to watch.  I could tell Chelsie had thrown in the towel when she proposed that Michael come out of a doghouse at the beginning of their routine.  Self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps? I’m not sure he’s even TRYING at this point…the odd semi-fight with Chelsie just made him seem kinda uptight to me, and I don’t even feel like he’s moving during his performances.  My mom is convinced he’s deliberately trying to get sent home.  I don’t think it was the WORST jive I’ve ever seen on the show (Master P’s will forever be the worst in my eyes), but it’s damn near close.  Without doing the detailed math (I’ll leave that to Heidi), these two are gonna have to pull off a voting miracle in order to overcome the ridiculous point spread – and while I think Michael still may make women want to doff their undergarmets, I’m not sure its enough to counteract such a terrible score.  I’m actually kinda hoping these two go home – it’s hard for me to watch Michael looked pained out on the floor, and it’s hard for me to see Chelsie have to put up with it.  Sayonara, Bolton.

Ok folks, what say you? Will Michael make it out of the doghouse to foxtrot next week? Will Marge & Louis’ cautious routine be their undoing? Will Jenougher get the encore – can they even make it through a repeat performance? Will the Cheesecake Awards be epic? Let me answer that last one: YES. 😀

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DWTS 11 Stat Class – Week 2

One week has come and gone… and with it a celeb. The Hoff, it seems, couldn’t cut the rug. And I was so hoping that he would stick around a bit longer. Ah well.

From the judges’ comments of last Monday’s show, we know that the Jive or the Quickstep would be performed this week. But who is dancing what? Well considering it is only the second week, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that whoever did the Viennese Waltz last week will perform the Jive this week, and those that performed the ChaCha last week will have the Quickstep this week…

Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas
Since Corky has yet to show his prowess with the Quickstep, we are going to attempt to use data from more “mature” actresses.
– Tony & Jane Seymour (Season 5/Week 7): 24/30
– Fabian & Marlee Matlin (Season 6/Week 2): 24/30
– Damian & Pamela Anderson (Season 10/Week 5): 21/30
Predicted Score: 20/30

Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer
– Lacey & Lance Bass (Season 7/Week 1): 21/30
– Lacey & Mark Decascos (Season 9/Week 2): 21/30
With so little information… how did the other Disney related folks do?
– Louis & Monique Coleman (Season 3/Week 7): 27/30
– Mark & Sabrina Bryan (Season 5/Week 2): 23/30
– Julianne & Cody Linley (Season 7/Week 1): 23/30
Predicted Score: 22/30

Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas
– Mark & Sabrina Bryan (Season 5/Week 2): 23/30
– Mark & Kristi Yamaguchi (Season 6/Week 8): 29/30
– Mark & Shawn Johnson (Season 8/Week 9): 27/30
Again, with so little info, let’s so how some of the “celebs” in the “others” group have fared…
– Kym & Penn Jilette (Season 6/Week 2): 17/30
– Karina & Steve Wozniak (Season 8/Week 2): 17/30
Predicted Score: 21/30

Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani
– Tony & Stacy Keibler (Season 2/Week 7): 27/30
– Tony & Jane Seymour (Season 5/Week 7): 24/30
– Tony & Marissa Jaret Winokur (Season 6/Week 2): 21/30
– Tony & Susan Lucci (Season 7/Week 1): 22/30
– Tony & Melissa Rycroft (Season 8/Week 10): 28/30
– Tony & Kathy Ireland (Season 9/Week 2): 18/30
Predicted score: 23/30

Mike Sorrentino & Karina Smirnoff
– Karina & Mario Lopez (Season 3/Week 2): 21/30
– Karina & Billy Ray Cyrus (Season 4/Week 2): 21/30
– Karina & Floyd Mayweather Jr (Season 5/Week 2): 18/30
– Karina & Mario (Season 6/Week 2): 26/30
– Karina & Steve Wozniak (Season 8/Week 2): 17/30
– Karina & Aaron Carter (Season 9/Week 2): 27/30
Predicted score: 22/30

Michael Bolton & Chelsie Hightower
– Chelsie & Ty Murray (Season 8/Week 6): 18/30
– Chelsie & Louie Vito (Season 9/Week 2): 19/30
– Chelsie & Jake Pavelka (Season 10/Week 2): 20/30
To help with predicting this score… let’s look at more “mature” singers/entertainers…
– Kym & Donny Osmond (Season 9/Week 2): 25/30
Predicted score: 19/30

Margaret Cho & Louis van Amstel
– Louis & Lisa Rinna (Season 2/Week 3): 15/30
– Louis & Monique Coleman (Season 3/Week 3): 27/30
– Louis & Kelly Osbourne (Season 9/Week 8): 26/30
– Louis & Niecy Nash (Season 10/Week 5): 18/30
Predicted score: 20/30

Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke
– Cheryl & Drew lachey (Season 2/Week 3): 27/30
– Cheryl & Emmitt Smith (Season 3/Week 6): 25/30
– Cheryl & Ian Ziering (Season 4/Week 3): 24/30
– Cheryl & Cristian de la Fuente (Season 6/Week 3): 25/30
– Cheryl & Maurice Greene (Season 7/Week 3): 24/30
– Cheryl & Gilles Marini (Season 8/Week 6): 26/30
– Cheryl & Chad Ochocinco (Season 10/Week 8): 24/30
Predicted score: 24/30

Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough
– Derek & Jennie Garth (Season 5/Week 8): 24/30
– Derek & Shannon Elizabeth (Season 6/Week 3): 24/30
– Derek & Brooke Burke (Season 7/Week 9): 21/30
– Derek & Lil Kim (Season 8/Week 6): 28/30
– Derek & Joanna Krupa (Season 9/Week 2): 20/30
– Derek & Nicole Scherzinger (Season 10/Week 2): 28/30
Predicted score: 24/30

Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy
– Maksim & Willa Ford (Season 3/Week 3): 22/30
– Maksim & Laila Ali (Season 4/Week 8): 26/30
– Maksim & Mel B (Season 5/Week 3): 27/30
– Maksim & Erin Andrews (Season 10/Week 5): 22/30
Predicted score: 23/30

Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya
– Anna & Jerry Rice (Season 2/Week 3): 19/30
– Anna & Evan Lysacek (Season 10/Week 2): 24/30
Let’s add in the other NFLers… =D
– Cheryl & Emmitt Smith (Season 3/Week 6): 25/30
– Edyta & Jason Taylor (Season 6/Week 3): 23/30
– Kym & Warren Sapp (Season 7/Week 8): 26/30
– Edyta & Lawrence Taylor (Season 8/Week 6): 22/30
– Cheryl & Chad Ochocinco (Season 10/Week 8): 24/30
Predicted score: 22/30

So how did I do? Stay tuned for the show tonight and find out!

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Karina from DWTS Comments on The Situation

Karina Smirnoff may have a boyfriend, but she’s surprised her lady-loving “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, hasn’t trotted out his trademark pick-up lines.

“He hasn’t hit on me! And I’m taking it as an insult,” Karina joked with Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover on Thursday. “Like, what am I? A grenade?” –Source

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Mark Ballas To Do Same Sex Ballroom on Melissa and Joey

Well, I think the title kind of says it all. Tomorrow night on ABC Family, Mark Ballas will be making an appearance on the TV show Melissa and Joey. In the preview, it has Mark Ballas dancing with Joey. You can see the preview video here. Melissa has so much more personality in that clip. Too bad she doesn’t do that on the dance floor. Anyway, the preview looks pretty good, although it was a bit disturbing to have 2 shaved head guys dancing together. Also, isn’t this at the same time as the DWTS results show? It’s close if it’s not. I was too lazy to calculate the time changes:-)

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Dancing with the Stars 2010 Week 2 Music List

As you know, we love to list all of the music from Dancing with the Stars. TMZ is claiming to have the rundown of music from week 2 of Dancing with the Stars 2010. They also have the dances they’ll be doing, although their list conflicts with Heidi’s list of DWTS Season 11 Week 2 dances. Either way, take it for what it’s worth. We’ll be sure to post the official list of music after tonight’s episode.


— Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke — “Tush” Tush (jive)
— Florence Henderson and Corky Ballas — “Suddenly I See” Suddenly (quickstep)
— Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy — “Magic” Magic (jive)
— Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower — “Hound Dog” Hound (quickstep)
— Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani — “Love Machine” Love (quickstep)
— Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough — “Shake It” Shake (jive)
— Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel — “Dreaming” Dreaming (jive)
— Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer– “I Want You To” I (quickstep)
— Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya — “Danger Zone” Danger (jive)
— Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas — “You Can’t Hurry Love” You (quickstep)
— The Situation and Karina Smirnoff — “We No Speak Americano” We (quickstep)

As for the celeb singers, Seal will sing his new song, “Weight of My Mistake,” Tuesday night, and Janelle Monae will sing “Tightrope.” Tightrope

Looks like the producers and Harold Wheeler had some fun picking out those songs for the couples.

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DWTS 11 – Blogging with the Pros

Okay, I’m having some trouble with this this season – Derek is supposed to do a weekly interview with Entertainment Weekly, but I haven’t seen it (did find one for TV Guide), and Maks is blogging for TV Guide. Found that, after searching because he didn’t tweet it this week. Is Cheryl blogging this season? What about Anna? Someone clue me in and I’ll update this post to include them too. As of right now, I’ve got Derek and Maks and that’s it. Although, that’s usually enough, for ME. 😉

First up, Derek. One of the things I love about Derek is that he owns it. Last season he said straight up (probably too often) that Nicole had dance experience and that it was helpful to him. Other pros who shall remain nameless, cry unfair one season yet are fine with it when they get the person with advantages. Well, this season, Derek makes the best analogy ever when discussing Jennifer’s detractors. From TV Guide:

After Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough topped the Dancing with the Stars leaderboard last week with a 24, rumblings about the Dirty Dancing star’s so-called “dance experience” heated up again — an unfair dig at her, Hough tells “Would you ask Adrien Brody to play piano at Carnegie Hall? Or would you ask Hilary Swank to fight in a professional boxing match?” he says. “Jennifer learned to dance 23 years ago for that movie and she played a person who didn’t know how to dance. She wasn’t learning new routines and dancing live week in and week out. I can see why people think that, but they’re not the same.” In fact, the Emmy-nominated pro has a slightly more difficult path to a record third Mirrorball trophy as he must choreograph around Grey’s neck injury. Find out how he plans to do that and more. I take it that means no Dirty Dancing homages, which you probably should avoid, right?
Hough: We don’t want to re-create something that’s so perfect. I definitely want to give people a different memory of her and a different experience. That routine and movie are so iconic that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. As much as some people want to see [an homage], I think there are a lot who don’t want to see one. Plus, legally, I don’t think we would be able to reproduce it. It’s time for new things. Also, Jennifer and I can’t do as many things because of her neck injury, so I’m trying to be as creative as I can to create routines that can still be crowd-pleasing, but without highlights that other people may be doing. No crazy tricks or lifts or stunts for us, but we’re still going to put on a show. What was your reaction when she broke down as you were choreographing because she thought of Patrick Swayze?
Hough: I was very surprised because she was excited and smiling right before. But, you know, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s not one of those people who will bottle her feelings up. It was uncontrollable. If she’s upset, you will see it. If she’s excited, which is the case most of the time, you will see it. You didn’t see it last week, but she’s usually cracking up and rolling on the floor with peals of laughter. She’s very expressive, a lot of fun and full of energy. The Viennese waltz was very, very emotional, but that’s not her true personality. You’ll see new side of her in the jive. I want people to see that fun-loving side of her because that’s who she is.

And the most exciting part of the interview, for me? 🙂 Your Emmy-nominated paso doble with Chelsie [Hightower] last season remains awesome. Any plans for another musical/dance number this season?
Hough: Yes, definitely. I have an idea kicking around. It’s the early stages and I haven’t decided who’ll be part of it yet. It’ll keep it very minimal and very stripped down. So keep an eye out!

Next up, Maks – and I have to say that TV Guide is using a MUCH better picture of him than what past blogs have used. I’m also liking his attitude going into this season as well. Much more positive, so far. Also from TV Guide:

I know some people are saying already that Brandy “has an edge” or “has experience.” Listen, I don’t care. People are going to say what they’re going to say. We just have to go out there and do our best. Was Brandy good Monday? Yes. Was she perfect? No. I feel like there’s never going to be anybody who does amazingly the first performance who’s never had any training before. Brandy, even though she’s never danced, I’m banking on her stage presence. I just need that ability to perform from her. You want to call it dance experience. Fine. This was my pep talk to Brandy before we went onstage: “You need to dance like you dance in rehearsals, wearing sweats and no makeup, no glitter.” Why? Because your best level is usually achieved in rehearsals. On the day of, you have negative emotions and positive emotions, both of which pull you away from achieving your optimal performance. That’s why we always say that you’re never going to be as good as you are in practice.

I thought Audrina did great. She had some trouble getting on beat in the beginning, which was unfortunate. Since they were the first couple of the season, the crowd was very excited and went insane after they were announced. They were so loud that she couldn’t hear the first notes — not good since she started with a solo, which was ballsy and showed her confidence. Unfortunately, she couldn’t hear the beats from the orchestra. Luckily, she and Tony were able to recover, but I think she definitely would’ve gotten a better score if not for that. I told Tony that next time, he should start her off closer to the orchestra so she could hear the beats.

I don’t think we can adequately judge The Situation yet. He says he only rehearsed for five days. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Everybody’s got a story and his story this week was the short rehearsal time. But next week, everyone will be on an even playing field with only one week to rehearse in between dances, so we’ll if he can step it up.

Somebody clue me in on what the last paragraph means? It kinda goes back and forth – and who’s “Dennis”?? And who’s the “old man”?? Tony? 🙂 Oh, and I put pictures (and a little video) from the Lupus event on PureDerekHough – there’s a good number of pictures with Derek, Tony and Maks together, having fun. Which I really like to see.

The Lupus event I went to Wednesday was amazing. Tony, Derek and Brandy came. I really appreciated that she attended something that was important to me. It was great for Dennis. His mother’s spirit was around. It was a wonderful night to know you’re part of something that makes somebody else happy. Yes, we had an ab-off. The old man showed up! It was very good. All joke aside, we’re keeping him young. I believe you are who your friends are. I keep him on his toes. I think we both totally help each other out. He’s the responsible one who sometimes gives me the older brother slap on the back of the head, but then there are moments when I’m the voice of reason. We’re very close and have a lot of fun together. If we can both make it to the finals this year, I don’t know if there’s anything better than that.

ETA: I found Derek’s weekly quiz from Entertainment Weekly (I’m liking Jennifer more and more – go girl. 🙂 ):

Derek, where are you going in this photo? Do you think the rule “No shirt no shoes no service” does not apply to you?
We were actually at rehearsal and I was super sweaty and needed to change my shirt. Jennifer had hidden my clothes, though, so I was forced to walk out to the parking lot to my car for a change of clothes without a shirt on. I will get her back though. Someday, when she least expects it.

Are you aware that your belt is not exactly doing its job here?
As long as my pants are not on the ground, the belt is succeeding.

Is it annoying when paparazzi take your picture or do you love it?
There are a few photographers who have literally camped out at our rehearsal facility and so far they have been really respectful. There have been situations, though, where I’ve been chased in my car or when a photographer has tried to cut me off to get a reaction, and that’s just not cool.

I know that generally the producers pick the song but sometimes the dancers have input. Whose idea was it to go with a Dirty Dancing song homage right away, and are you glad you did it?
That was a production choice. It’s a beautiful song and means a lot to so many people, including Jennifer. I’m glad that the audience liked the dance so much.

How is Jennifer doing training-wise? Does her neck injury mean serious limitations for the jive, and how do you work around that?
Jennifer is amazing. She’s in fabulous shape – not just for her age but for anyone. Her flexibility is crazy – she can literally hold her leg alongside her head. It’s pretty spectacular to see. I think that every celeb has limitations that we pros have to work around and Jennifer is no different.

What song do you have this week?
We have a great Jive song that if anyone saw us out on the DWTS tour, the song will be familiar.

Cheryl’s Blog for MSN – I think I posted this one already, but it fits here too. 🙂 Thanks to Moey in the comments for the reminder.

This year is sure to be a lot of fun since we have a really great cast. There are so many different personalities and every season is so different, so it’s fun to learn more and more about all the cast members. This year is going to be challenging for me because I’m dancing with someone quite tall. I’ve never danced with a man so tall before in my whole dancing career. For me, it’s going to be a different challenge than I’ve ever had on the show. I’m partnered with Rick Fox who is 6’7” and I’m 5’4”, so our height difference is insane.

Rick is doing well so far in rehearsals and if he has his fan base behind him and he doesn’t do bad and continues to improve every week, then I think we might have a chance to make it pretty far. The goal going into every season is always to win or make it quite far in the competition, and I see a lot of potential in Rick. The first few days I was a little scared since I was thinking, “this guy is so tall and I don’t know what I’ll do with him,” but I just decided to start at the beginning and taught him how to walk gracefully and how to use his height and long arms to our advantage. The difference in height is so dramatic, the shoe department of the show had to make me custom 4” heels so I could at least reach up to his chest level. I have always competed in 3” heels, and even that 1” is a big difference. It’s been a challenge, but it’s been a great challenge for me the last few weeks. It’s been fun to mold someone of his height into a dancer.

Anna’s first blog of the season with Radar Online! Thanks to Heather in the comments for the heads up. 🙂 Unfortunately, Radar doesn’t do Embed codes so you’ll have to follow the link to see it. Radar Online

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