Dancing with the Stars Samba, Waltz and Foxtrot Music List

UPDATE: Well, this music was WAY off. I warned that it might not be accurate. Oh well, it was fun to think about anyway, right? Here’s the real list of DWTS music from tonight’s episode.

I found the following list of music for tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. I’m not sure if this music list is accurate or not. If it’s not, then I’ll update it later when we get a chance to see for real. Here’s the link where I’ll post the latest DWTS music. I do also have to say that Hayley Westenra is on the list below. I absolutely LOVE Hayley’s voice. I learned of her when she was in Celtic Woman and she was fantastic to listen to.

Jennifer & Derek
Samba “Brazil” Brazil—Frank Sinatra

Bristol & Mark
Foxtrot “The Way You Make Me Feel” The—Michael Jackson

Florence & Corky
Waltz “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Are—Elvis Presley

Mike & Karina
Foxtrot “Ain’t That a Kick In The Head?” Ain't—Robbie Williams

Kyle & Lacey
Waltz “Dark Waltz” Dark—Hayley Westenra

Margaret & Louis
Samba “Cosmic Girl” Cosmic—Jamiroquai

Kurt & Anna
Foxtrot “Fever” Fever—Peggy

Lee Audrina & Tony
Waltz “At This Moment” At—Michael Bublé

Brandy & Maksim
Samba “Under the Sea” Under—Alan Menken

Rick & Cheryl
Samba “Superstition” Superstition—Stevie Wonder